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Must watch vid to the banners


December 11, 2012
Saw this before and agree it does bring light to the point about restrictive magazine laws but also bring light to the point for the need of training ourselves to remain calm, in control and marshalling our resources. There was enough time between attacks that he could have changed magazines had he thought about picking on up with his weapon (should have been adjacent in the safe he accessed). :banghead: These are the counters that will brought up to refute the content of this video. Hopefully, this video will help convince the populace that the legislators don't have their best interest at heart :evil: and will chose more wisely when they vote and elect constitutionally mind people into office. IF this video has that success then it will be that needle we have all been looking for to help our cause. :flag:

Minimal Brat

September 1, 2012
This is the very point I try to get across to people. I am out and about. I run into a situation. Now mind you, I try to stay out of places I know things can happen but that doesn't mean something bad can't happen on a summer day right in the middle of my little almost crime free town. I should not have to worry about having to reload in the middle of trying to save my life.