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Mountain House and wise foods at discount prices of ohgunowners.net members


October 31, 2012
Hello all.

Been on here a bit thought I would throw out the discounts here I offer to members of other sites. Because of company policies I cant advertise Mountain housee prices, but mine are generally less than cheaper than dirt and thesportsmansguide.com

I do have a min amount my connection asks me to get in 6 cans, but most people have been very happy. LAst guy got some chicken and rice and chicken alfedo number 10 cans off me and I think he paid Under $28 per can shipped.

The same company also has spyderco, gerber, sog and other knives available. I sell those at MY COST with purchase of survival food. They also sell kytodan? water filters and other survival gear.

If you are intrested PM me.