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  1. Today Diesel brought to my attention the fact that his thank you counter was showing zero. Upon further investigation others were as well.

    I searched and searched for a way to fix this error and came up with bupkiss. Others that were using the mod had sporadic reports of it as well but no fix to the issue. So in light of that news I've installed a NEW thank you system that hopefully will provide better results.

    Below the posts now you will see the following "[​IMG] Thank for this post" click on that to post your thanks.

    I am so very sorry about the problem with that mod and do apologize for any problems it may have caused. Personally I liked that thank you mod the best as it had damn near perfect integration to the board. Hopefully this new system will work much better and I do know that the author of it does support the mod and is active in it maintenance.

    Thank you all for your understanding and support.

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  2. diesel


    Like i said Wolf, it's not that big of a deal. I just would like one to know when i thank them for something cause you guys have helped me out alot.:thumbs:

    In case i missed any....thanks ya'll:flag:
  3. No worries Diesel. If something is broke I want to fix it. :D

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