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Misleading Statement Presented as Fact?


nra instructor
January 10, 2012

I get a strange periodical that pulls "selected" information from various sources and prints them in a special section. One of the things that showed up was the following "fact". . . . .

Chance that a U.S. Firearms dealer depends on trafficking to Mexico for its economic existence: 1 in 2.

Well, obviously I looked at that "fact" with some concern so I tried to track down the article source. Actually I tried to find anywhere that mentioned a source or anybody I could contact to find out where this "fact" came from.

Evidently having a factual source is no longer a requirement to print pretty much anything you want.

Here is a link to where my magazine actually GOT the original statement. It's about half way down the page listing a ton of other things.

I don't subscribe to the magazine or anything, but it's where I tracked down the "source" for the statement, but not the source for the documentation of same.

[Harper's Index] | Harper's Magazine

I don't know about you, but I'm thinking none of the firearms dealers I work with sell much of anything to Mexico.

But then I live in a nice area so maybe Akron is different.