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Milled Norinco 386 VS Polytech Legend (milled)

Joe C

January 26, 2014
Is there any difference between the two other than markings or import dates? I was wondering more along the lines of the parts used internally on the two rifles. And what would you be willing to pay for a milled, underfolding Chinese AK with 70 rounds through it, that is in very good condition? Thanks for the help.

Thrash Addict

March 16, 2014
As far as I know PolyTechnologies and Norinco 7.62x39 AK's are all built to the standard of their military rifles (minus the fun switch) and the parts are completely interchangeable. But with the 5.56 chambered offerings the mags are difficult to find and very expensive. The 5.56 AK mags made for the two are not interchangeable. As to what I would be willing to pay for a preban Chinese AK... I wouldn't. Them suckers are purely collectors items. Safe queens. Not that they are bad rifles, they are just rare and collectors pay big money for them. They are arguably some of the highest quality AK's ever made (never thought I'd say that about Chinese made anything!).