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Mid-East Crisis Solution


nra instructor
January 10, 2012
I thought I'd post this up here just to see if this idea has any merit. Actually I'm probably just ranting so delete this if it's a bad idea.

First off, I will be the first to admit that our military, all branches, are the absolute finest in the world. Period.

Now, as the fighting, arguing and general stupid behavior of the middle east has been going on for a few thousand years and so far, no amount of miltary intervention has changed much, in spite of pouring literally BILLIONS and BILLONS of dollars into the process, I believe I may have a possible solution to OUR involvement in the never ending mess.

With the continued "draw down" of the US Military in all services and with our ability to maintain a front on two or more parts of the world, we'll have a problem should anybody in some third world decide to "make his move".

The recent legislation that allows women into all modes of combat is the key.

All the country needs to do is reinstate the draft. Yes, selective service for everyone. This includes women at age 18 (like all men) have to register. Not a big deal you say?

With the next big crisis, the US will be understaffed. This will be similar to the ramp up in the military in the 60's for Viet-Nam. Almost exactly the same.

As most people only care about all of the sand box areas of the world if they actually know somebody there (I do) for the majority of Americans, they literally couldn't care less about Burpghanistan and all those places "over there". Politicians keep making policy and keep sending OUR military in but they aren't given the mission to win, just to maintain the peace. They don't care. They don't have any "dog in the fight". This is not working at all.

So, back to the original premis. Once the draft is reinstated and ALL of those late teen women start getting called up for the new "War on Saving Humanity" or whatever cutesy name they tag it with, you'll see some big changes in attitude and ideas in less than a year.

Remember all the "Peace Rallies" during Viet-Nam? Was that all in the name of Peace or in the name of "Keep me the hell out of the draft and the Military"? You don't see anything like that now as NOBODY IS BEING AFFECTED BY IT! Most Americans have zero interest in the middle east as they have nothing involved with it. However, if you have your daughter shipping off to Iraq, I guarantee you there will be people camping out on the doorsteps of every legislator in the country to put a stop to the wars all over the planet that we are involved with.

So, the women wanted "equal access" to all jobs in the military? Then you get drafted along with everyone else.

Think about it Unless you have a family member in the military overseas, you just don't care about those clowns with funny names in the sandbox. Start to get everybody in the country involved and within a year you'll have ALL the troops out of there and back home.

Of course this will never happen because no legislator will ever put women in harm's way even though they wail and cry about being treated equally all the time. I've always treated women equally in any job that we've shared. This is not a cry against women. It's a cry to actually be fair about the whole "treatment" thing and in the process, we extract ourselves from the middle east.

If your daughter was about to be drafted and sent to Iraq, would you think differently about our action in the various crisis spots around the world?

OK, I can turn off the rant now.

Why did I come up with this? It just dawned on me that we went to war in the desert in 1990. How do I remember? I was literally pulled out of simulator box, flown to Rome, Italy on TWA and immediately put to work flying our 747's into the desert with military equipment on board.

2016-1990 = TWENTY SIX FRICKING YEARS we've been doing that crap and nobody has a plan to end it!

So, that's my plan to get us out of the desert. We've literally been at war for over 25 years in one area of the world and it just doesn't seem to bother anybody!

It bothers me.

AD (Veteran)


GOA Member
January 26, 2012
Not a bad idea, however, i have reservations about starting war protests again.
You, as much as anyone, must remember the pot smoking, protesting, airport spitting, flower children of the late "60's."
Our wonderful media gave these young rebels a stage and some notoriety. There in lies my problem with your idea.

These same flower children of the "60-70's" are the very SAME people who have managed to *uck our country up into what it has become today. Right, they grew into adults (mostly from rich, powerful families, otherwise they would have been drafted as well) who have attained political power over the years. Think of the Clintons, Rhodams and Bush's, but mostly today's super libs.
The last thing this country needs is another generation of these nuts in power positions again.

Your idea is a good one, AD, i believe it would work. And i believe women have NO place on the battlefield.
I just shutter to think of another round of apologists entering the govt. of our U.S. whether i'm on this side of the dirt or the other........just say'n.:flag:


March 24, 2013
I have to agree some what with the both of you. But protest only the tree huggers and gays and blacks will show up and a few anti gun right activists. Hope I didn't piss anyone off but the truth hurts.