Merry Christmas

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    I just wanted to say to all Merry Christmas.

    Not Happy Holidays. When someone says that to me I always ask "What Holiday are you talking about"

    So Merry Christmas to all you "gun loving, Second Amendment loving, freedom loving, ammo and high cap mags loving, AR and large caliber loving.....(see it is the season of loving) :lol: people.

    As our ammo and 30 rd mags dry up, and our AR's await makers to MAKE more parts, as the general sheeple panic at scary looking guns, and ask why we need firearms at all, wich even those you know who HATE guns, and conservatives in general for being alive, a Very Merry Christmas. It may not make them smile but you will walking away so you don't get parts of them on ya when their heads explode.:rofl:

    The scared get more so, the rest of us try to remain calm as to aim better, as England and Australia suffer home invasions in the 40+% when people are home, we rest in the knowledge that only about 9% of all home robberies in the US happen when someone is home. If criminals are scared there must be something about just maybe having a gun in the house that does that.

    So even though there is some things to worry about we should all still have a good and quiet Christmas. Last year I hung an empty casing on a small leafless branch on the back door of the shop.....

    It was a cartridge in a bare tree. :rofl:
  2. Minimal Brat

    Minimal Brat

    very cute lol

    Merry Christmas to you and all of our members. Knowing I can protect myself if the need should arise has given me an outlook of a brighter new year. May you all enjoy the celebration of our Lord and saviors birth and bring to your new year hope, happiness and peace.
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  4. Oh, I am soooooo stealing that.

  5. To everyone of my Ohio friends here on this board, I'll also wish you a Merry Christmas and a very good upcoming New Year.

    One of the things we do down here is not only put lighted decorations on the house, we also do our boats.

    From the Dulay family....


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