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  1. forrest r

    forrest r

    Figured I post my Mauser 22’s, these are excellent, extremely well made & highly accurate rifles. This is a ES340b single shot Mauser made in the late 1930’s. The sights are similar to the CZ trainers &the front sights are interchangeable. I have 3 different height front sights for the Mauser. The Mauser has an match bbl, adjustable 2 stage match trigger, adjustable rear sights & a walnut stock, just a beautiful rifle.

    This is my latest acquisition, a MAS45. MAS contracted Mauser right after the war (1945) to make training rifles for the army. Mauser put together one heck of a rifle for MAS, using many of the same parts that they used on their legendary 22 sporting rifles (ES340 series & 410 series). The MAS45 has a match bbl, adjustable 2 stage match trigger, adjustable rear sight & a birch stock. I have 2 different front sights for the MAS also.

    The MAs is new, still in Cosmoline, the parkerized finish is a dull grey color..

    The different height front sights are for the different speeds on the 22 ammo, match 1080fps, standard velocity 1135fps & high velocity 1220fps. The speeds of the ammo’s are approximate & by using the right front sight height the ladder rear sight will be on target @50 meters.

    On a side note, the CZ trainer ladder rear sight is made for SV (standard velocity 1135fps) ammo.
  2. Jeff H

    Jeff H

    Oh, man, those are beautiful! I bet it feels great working the bolt on those. It's great o see that kind of craftsmanship and REAL sights!

    I thought the CZ was THE thing, but these are cool. Not a good thing for me to see that such things were made. They just had some old Brnos available and I let my CRFFL expire this last time. Probably a good thing for the checking account.

    Those are great photos. Thanks for taking the time to share.
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  3. forrest r

    forrest r

    CZ’s are the thing, the 452 is a great design with a lot of the same traits that the Mausers have/use. Their sight placement is identical, mags are similar, same winged safety, and the front sight/sight hoods can be interchanged.

    With a little work on some of the key areas of the rifle, the CZ can & will hold its own against almost anything you can throw at it.

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