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Magpul Responds to Proposed Colorado Magazine Capacity Limit


Site Owner
October 7, 2011
Magpul is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of AR-15 magazines. Their PMAGs were popular before the current rush on all-things-AR, but now they’re almost impossible to find in stores. Even with the increased demand, Magpul is holding their prices steady. And they’ve increased production to meet the increase in demand.

By every estimate, Magpul is a model company. Their products are used by civilians, law enforcement and the military. They employ more than 200 people in Colorado, their home state, and their presence there guarantees work for more than 700 suppliers and subcontractors.

By all accounts, Magpul is not a major employer, but there are close to 1,000 jobs directly associated with the company. And this is Colorado, a state that is predominantly rural. Though modest in size, Magpul is an important part of the Colorado economy.

So why would the Colorado House propose legislation that would shut Magpul down, or force the company out of Colorado?

Magpul Responds to Proposed Colorado Magazine Capacity Limit


December 11, 2012
The politicians aren't looking at the jobs, they are blinded by the gun flash that is Obamas call for more gun control and want to be a leader in the movement of state government intervening into the manufacturing of large capacity magazines. No matter what the cost to their citizens, after all it is for the greater good, like a good socialist.