Magpul may be leaving

Discussion in 'The 2nd Amendment' started by MikeH121, February 16, 2013.

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    Colorado passed the new gun laws. No mag over 15 rds. A poll tax on guns. And no CCW in Universities. Plus registration.

    Time for Magpul to leave.

    In a better note. MidWayUSA sent an email stating that if civilians cannot order legally mags or whatever than gov LEO will not get the same things. No matter what credentials they may show.

    Still like Larry from MidWayUSA.....just ordered a reciever block, a barrel ext. and an extra charging latch. :D
  2. I sincerely hope that Ohio does not go the route of Colorado. So far we have been lucky in our freedoms not being that restricted at least in my humble opinion. They are restricted surely, but not to the extent we are seeing from many other states right now.

    If Magpul does move out of Colorado I hope they find a new home soon and here in Ohio or Indiana. :) Perhaps I stand a chance of working for them if they do. What a dream job that would be. I hope oh do I hope they have payroll deduction for employee purchases. :rofl:

    I do love Larry Pratt's stance as well. It's nice to see him take a stance as well and not back down, just one of the reason I love MidwayUSA.
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  3. Currently 2 legislative bills are in the state senate for consideration SB 18 which would mirror Colorado's attemp at diminishing 2A :banghead: and SB 36 which would ensure that the federal govenment would not interfere with the State of Ohio's citizens 2A rights. :clap:
    It is our duty to support the 36 and oppose 18, letting everyone involved know our feelings regarding these legislative bills. :D

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