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  1. I just got my 4500 back from Lyman Products fully repaired. I am completely impressed with there customer service right now. My 4500's pressure screw broke the casting at the bottom and was turning endlessly. I feared that it would not be covered as I did not have the receipt for it but told them I had less then 200 rounds through it at most and was working on my second tube of lube. After sending it in, they received on Tuesday of this week and today I got it back in working condition. I is one happy camper!!
  2. forrest r

    forrest r

    That's good to know, I've always liked lyman products. Usually their sizers are pretty sturdy, I know abuse comes to mind when I think of all the bullets I've sized over the years. I broke the handle on mine once & the new part looked totally different than the old one but it works.

    I'm about out of lube so I'm going to do a batch of ben's red Monday. Should prove interesting, it will mainly be used for pistols.
  3. I was pleased they did cover and replace it as well. Like you I thought it's gotta be tough and then that happened. How did you break the handle off? That seems quite hard to do on these.

    I just started to lube up a batch with BAC and put them in short term storage. I wanna try a couple of loads and see what is the best before I get too involved with loading a bunch. Is Ben's red a hard lube? I still do not have a heater which is why I went with the BAC.
  4. forrest r

    forrest r

    No, it's a soft lube. I've gotten away from the hard lubes & bullets being pushed at break neck speeds. I'm tring to go back to target loads with everything under 1000fps with most loads in the 700-850fps range.

    Ben's red:
    50% bee's wax
    30% Lucas red & tacky #2 grease (auto zone)
    10% johnson's paste wax
    5% dextron II tranny fluid
    5% stp oil treatment

    The heaters are overrated for the lymans, I have one & if I had to do it all over again I'd make my own (low teck) & save the $$$$. The simple way to make a heater is to mount your lyman to a metal plate. Take a piece of 2x8 board & cut off a 1 foot peice & mount a piece of plate steal to that. Plate steal= anything 1/8" or thicker. Then drill your mounting holes for the lyman sizer& bolt the sizer to the board/plate. Use c-clamps to hold the sizer to a work bench/shop mate/table/ECT. Then just use an iron (the kind for ironing cloths), turn it on low & set it on the steal plate. It will warm the plate which will heat the lyman luber sizer. Easy enough, wood can be found for free, so can small pieces of plate & irons can be bought at a good will/ECT for $1. The 1/4"x21/2" bolts & washers to mount/bolt everything together will cost you another $1.
  5. Glad you posted the recipe for this one. I wonder how that stacks up to BAC. Like you I am no looking to push the rounds to the max, at least for target and fun shoots, so this might work out better in the long run monetary wise.

    You seem to be the McGyver of the shooting community. I am gonna see what I have to make the heater. =)

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