Lyman 4500 clean out

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  1. Just cleaned out my lubrisizer tonight. It was quite easy. Took it off the bench, with a large flat head screwdriver I scrapped out what I could. Took out the die and all other components and cleaned them with "brakekleen". It took the moly right off of the die itself and all other parts. Next I took the heat gun on high and melted everything else out of the casting. While it was still hot I sprayed the "brakekleen" inside and it just boiled the rest of the left over away. Over all the casting looks like new on the inside and no traces of the black moly lube at all. All in all it was about a 25 minute job. :D

    Time to load up some BAC in there and be done with the moly.
  2. forrest r

    forrest r

    Interesting, I make & use my own version of the black moly lube. I really like that lube but I do need to make it just a little harder than what I have right now. It's good to clean the luber-sizers out every now & then.
  3. The black moly I used was from Lyman. That stuff was so sticky and messy it was tough to clean up without the brakekleen.

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