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Discussion in 'Handguns' started by forrest r, October 19, 2011.

  1. forrest r

    forrest r

    Well, I thinned the herd at the Ohio gun collectors show that was held last weekend at the IX- center. I bought those 2 pistols to resell which was easy to do, they sold in the 1st hour that I was there.

    I was looking at what I have left & it dawned on me that what I shoot is pretty well rounded in terms of the style/type of pistol. There’s 4 revolvers (all S&W’s), 4 semi-autos & 3 single shots. Out of those 13 pistols the mouse fart guns are easily the most accurate. And out of the mouse fart guns, the Russian pistols are easily the most accurate of the bunch.

    I shot nothing but centerfire run & gun loads (bowling pins/steel) for years. I got rid of all my WC/target molds along with the target pistols. I’ve been slowly buying them back & want to work on load pistol combos this winter for next year. I’m just starting on the 44SPL’s & a 38WC mold should be here later this week. Then it will be on to a target mold for the 45ACP.

    To keep in practice over the winter (anytime really) I shoot pellet pistols/rifles in my basement. They don’t sound like much but they are extremely accurate, have triggers to die for, have some of the best sights on the market & are better made than most firearms out there. Not to mention the cheap match ammo.

    Hopefully everything comes together this spring.
  2. Sounds like you've got a quite a nice collection going. I have a little of everything it seems like. I don't sell any of them and my dad calls be a gun whore. LOL

    I got my .308 Win last year and that rifle is so much fun to shoot and so damn accurate. I love being able to take out a mouses ass at 50 yards plus. :) I got only one Hungarian pistol a FEG PA-63 9mm Mak., it is fun to shoot but boy does it snap. That's another on I would love to get a mold for but I've yet to see any at a decent price.

    I never thought about getting some pellet guns for the basement. Guess I will be making a trip to Basspro and Cabela's again to shop. hehehe
  3. forrest r

    forrest r

    I never gave airguns much thought also until 5 years ago. Then I made the mistake of buying 1 & it was all over. This is what $100 worth of target grade (practice) ammo looks like from pyramid air that is a huge player in the airgun industry that is located in Cleveland.

    Here's Russianial pistols:

    Top: IZH-46M 10m target pistol .177 pellet
    Middle: IZH-35M 25m sport pistol & now (rule change) 25m rapid fire pistol 22lr
    Bottom: TOZ-35 50m free pistol

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  4. forrest r

    forrest r

    WOW!!! Still learning this site. Those are Russian pistols not Russianial, darn spellcheck.:p The TOZ-35 is also a 22lr.
  5. Nice looking weapons you have there. Sounds like I just might be taking a look at some pellet weapons here shortly. ;)

    I also created your forum for you. Thank you for the suggestion. :)
  6. Jeff H

    Jeff H

    Well, I have mine thinned pretty much down to the bare minumum. Still a few to move and acquire to finish the re-toolong effort.

    Then.................. dagnabit!! Profanity won't even make me feel better about this one!
    Then, I see that there are still NEW Taurus PT945s out there and at some decent prices.
    Not sure why I even looked, as it has been since back when they came out that I developed a crush on that particular .45. I have had Thompson, Kimber, Ruger, Taurus (Millenium Pro?)and HK USP .45 ACPs, maybe others I have forgotten, but always like that PT945.

    I'm not doing it though.

    But I have 1.5k rounds of good brass and a third of it is primed already.........

    No, I have made up my mind what I am going to have and a PT945 is not on my list.

    But I have dies and moulds and bullets,.....

    NO, NO, NO!........ well,... maybe.
  7. LOL, sounds like there might be a new pistol in your future Jeff. The Taurus semi-autos are quite nice and yet another pistol I would like to have for my collection as well. Their 1911 copy, from what I've heard, is very nice as well. Not sure of the price on that little honey but hopefully God willing I will have a job today and be able to get that in the not so distant future.

    I must say if you've got that much brass already and primed to boot, you need a new pistol to go with it, not to mention already have the dies, moulds and bullets as well. It's kismet, you're meant to have it. ;)


  8. forrest r

    forrest r

    You can't beat a accurate 1991, for that matter you can't beat a 1911 period. A 100 year old design & still going strong!!! I really enjoy mine, a 45acp & a 38 super that I use a 6" 9mm bbl in also. The 9mm's are sweet to shoot in the heavy 1911, it's just like shooting a 22. I have to cast some more target bullets for the 45 to load over the winter.
  9. mroliver77


    I have gobs of 9mm brass and only an old Jennings in that caliber. Ick!!! I love my 1911's and want one in 9mm just because.

  10. I do enjoy shooing my TZ-75 in 9mm. It's such a pleasure to shoot and like you I probably have 4000 rounds of brass and probably as much loaded. Thankfully I have several 9mm handguns to use it all. ;)
  11. daniellawecki


    My friend starting shooting last October and now he's hooked. Five guns in eight months was at his house today Taurus PT1911. Didn't look bad the fit was nice it was a blackish finish not my cup of tea. Nice bluing or stainless is my choice. We'll give it a test ride Wednesday evening. My 200 gr SWC cast bullets should word nicely. Has anyone fired or own one lets here from you.
  12. I own, shoot and carry a PT 1911 AR chambered in 38 Super. Great gun, have had no problem with this weapon. Fit is great, very accurate and looks great. It is my EDC, for both open and concealed, works well in both situations. For $400 I could not pass it up.

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