Loaded Pistol Found In Toy Aisle at Target

Discussion in 'News, Headlines and Information' started by BuckJM53, June 7, 2014.

  1. BuckJM53


    Accidental or Intentional?

    Since I personally can't imagine any scenario where a responsible gun owner would take out their pistol in the middle of Target, lay it down in plain sight in the toy aisle, and then proceed to walk away unintentionally forgetting it, I can only conclude that this Hi-Point was intentionally left for one of two reasons:

    1. By a person with a vendetta with hope that it would be immediately traced back to the owner to get her into serious trouble ... or
    2. With hope that a child would find it and shoot themselves or someone else (a truly twisted individual).

    I will be interested to see what this investigation reveals (I hope that the perp is brought to justice quickly).
  2. daniellawecki


    Who ever left the loaded gun needs his day in court. That would be the hardest thing to ever leave behind.
  3. Minimal Brat

    Minimal Brat

    How about this. The gun was left where it was so the story could get in the news. The anti gunners would have one more reason to beat their drums and sing about taking our guns away. I would not put it past those people to leave a gun there to get a story out of it.
  4. BuckJM53


    MB ... While the anti-gun crowd has certainly proven itself willing to ignore facts, propagate lies and use tragic events to further their misguided cause, I would hate to think that they would/could stoop to these perverted depths (but I suppose it's possible). If that were to turn out to be the case, I hope the perp(s) rots in prison for a long time.
  5. MikeH121


    Don't put it past Nanny Bloomberg and Shannon Watts. Moms Demand Action is Targeting Target stores about open carry.

    They will lie, and cheat the numbers, they will not allow anti "them" posts on their own pages and complain about anti "them" posts on forums and TTAG. Watts posts the bad things the bad people say about them to prove how bad we gun people really are.

    They are the bad people. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mousilini, ad infintum. All use lies to further their own power.

    Freedom hating, liberty deniers are all the same the means justify the ends. And the end goal is gun confiscation.
  6. diesel


    I believe I will have to agree with Brat on this one.
    This is absolutely what the AG crowd would do.
    Remember the anti-fur loons who burned down the Colorado mink farm with minks still in it as well as a person? Hell of a way to get your anti-fur message acrossed...eh?
    The anti-gunners will stoop to ANY low to cause trouble.:flag:
  7. From what I read here, either a sick puppy needs to be put down, or a completely incompetent fool needs his carry permit revoked! Who does this shit!?
  8. JackBull69


    Well if this "is true" then they will find out, there's cameras everywhere
  9. MikeH121


    My vote is Mothers agaisnt gun violence or some such group. Plus Hi-Point is not really a CCW kind of gun.
  10. BuckJM53


  11. Huh? Go figure and color me unsurprised. Surely though the anti's will find a way to spin this in their favor I am sure.
  12. My initial reaction/guess was that some dimwitted criminal or just plain moron, was intent on committing a robbery but had a change of heart for some unknown reason and just left it where he/she happened to be standing at the moment without a thought for where he/she was.


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