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  1. diesel


    Every day our country is sliding more and more towards a despotism. Some of the things happening around our country, and some of the libtard idiots in it, make me glad, in a morbid sort of way, that i am the age i am. I feel sorry for you younger folks, having to deal with the future of bullshit like this;

    In South Pittsburgh, Tennessee, the city council recently voted 4-1 to approve an “all-inclusive†social networking policy aimed at discouraging criticism of the government.

    It outlaws the exercise of the First Amendment
    for all city elected representatives, appointed board members, employees, volunteers, vendors, contractors and anyone associated with the town in an official capacity who uses social networks, according to Ryan Lewis, writing for the Times Free Press.

    The policy includes blogs, videos, Facebook and Twitter posts and all online discussions.

    “It seems like every few meetings we're having to address something that’s been on Facebook and created negative publicity,†said Commissioner Jeff Powers.

    Limiting the free exercise of speech “is just an industry standard nowadays,†he said.

    “The first thing everyone wants to say is ‘I can’t post anything on Facebook.’ Well, you can. Just not anything that sheds a negative light on any person, entity, board or things of that nature. You can go ahead and post all you want,†added Commissioner Jeff Powers.

    Powers said the decision adjusts the First Amendment to accommodate government policy. “What this policy tries to do is reconcile that right with other rights,†he said. “It does, to some extent, limit your ability to criticize or comment in an official capacity.â€

    South Pittsburgh Mayor Jane Dawkins said government officials will decide if online comments and posts are out of line.

    “Criticism is one thing,†she said. “Out-and-out lies and untruths — that’s another thing. Those kinds of things are the things that will be directed.â€

    Un freaking believable:mad::cuss::banghead::evil:
  2. Cutlass327


    Sounds like another strike against the whole reason for that Amendment being written... I bet I know what it is - the Founding Fathers never envisioned the technology we have today, and that the 1st is outdated just like the 2nd is with these modern military weapons we have that they didn't write the 2A about, since you know, the 2A was only written in reference to hunting and sporting guns...
  3. diesel


    :flag:I must say, Cutlass, I respectfully disagree with you on both counts. I firmly believe that the 1st Amendment, is just as, if not more, pertinent today than it was at it's writing.
    And no where in the 2nd Amendment, do I recall, reading of hunting and sporting guns only.

    Being an American, one should be able to speak his or her mind, when ever and where ever, they choose in this once great country.
    I also believe that an American should be able to own any type of weapon they choose until they show that they are unworthy of said weapon, and we already have laws on the books to deal with such an event.:flag:

    "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed"
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  4. daniellawecki


    Amen to that brother we don't want to end up like Europe. Hell this country was founded on the bases of freedom for all. And your rights to freedom of speech and right to bear arms are two BIG FREEDOMS WE CAN"T LOSE FOR ANY REASON.:flag::p
  5. Diesel, I think Cutlass was making a sarcastic remark in regards to 1A being out dated and the advancement of technology somehow negating our natural rights as free men. He was poking fun with a satire on some common (stupid) liberal "points" made on 2a discussions. You know, dumb ass comments like:
    'The second amendment only protects muskets because our founding fathers never could have foreseen weapons like these'.
  6. diesel


    I'm sure your right, Thrash, i'm getting a little crotchety and cranky in my old age.....sorry:confused::flag:
  7. No need to apologize, it's a misunderstanding shit happens. ;)
  8. Cutlass327


    No apologies needed, and I was trying my best to be sarcastic, but reading something and not hearing tone of voice can really make it hard at times...

    All good, Merry Christmas folks!

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