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Lima Gun show

March 24, 2013
Today in the ice and snow I drove to Lima. I missed running into Dennis was there early. Walked the aisle table to table. There were primers on tables some powder and a lot of loaded ammo .22 - 300 win mag. Guns I saw some were at good prices. There were gun parts, gun stocks, knives, and military goods. The sales were slow and a lot of lookers as I myself was one. There was a Winchester model 70 in .300 mag with scope mounts no rings for $ 575,00. AR's were at tables with plenty of uppers for sale the Glock table had no shortage. Will I travel there again hell yes. Sorry oldman10 I really wanted to meet you. My brother was working on his house and a sawzall got the best of him. Lost a lot of blood so the drive home was in the hammer lane a smooth 80 plus mph. So next time we will meet and I also want to meet Diesel. So pot when the next gun show you are going to and we will meet.:flag::flag::) Oh and if I would have picked that gun out of the rack it would have a new home.
December 23, 2012
I hit snow on Rt30 across from I71 to I75. I was there looking at/for 22lr rifles,Remington 541s' and Weatherby XXIIs'. I saw 2 541s',one for 1375 and the other for 850,one too pricey and the other not nice enough. Saw 2 Weatherby's,725 and 750. Bought neither,maybe at a future Lima show as they were there 10 months ago at the show. Did buy a S&W 3953 pistol and then went to Columbus for a pre-arranged purchase of a S&W 3913 pistol.
11 hours and 400 miles.

Which gun would you have picked out of the rack,the Win 70 300 mag ?

The drive home from Columbus was fine,35 degrees and slight rain. An ice storm started here about 8pm. Nasty out right now.
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