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Libtards don't get it.....


September 5, 2012
The libtards and anti-gun zealots do not get it. They think if they ban, they are also talking confiscation, that the swing will go their way. WRONG.

If the LEO's are ordered to begin house to house confiscation. A lot will disobey that order. Those that do not will face violence at some point. Which I think is exactly what the libtards want. The problem is the first guy to decide to shoot it out may shoot or kill a LEO in the process. Which may swing the public to the "all guns are bad and all gun owners are nuts" side. But what if the first guy's family is also in the house and his wife and kid(s) are killed?

That would be the begining of the end of the libtards. That would spark the American Gun Owners revolution. And once blood has been shed it will get worse. People will start to fight back not with votes but with bullets. The libtards will try to use the Military proving once again they push too far. The Military will not obey those orders from the politicos. There will be a coup. The anti-gun people like Piers Morgan, the hollywood idiots will be hunted for cause. Dem politicians will be hunted like coyotes. No active gov will mean no food stamps and welfare checks. It will get real bad real fast.

The dems will have these people eating them and each other. They cannot run to their supporters for they will want food, and basics. Which they will not have to give. Gov can do everything will be proven wrong.

It won't be a change that will be easy, and we don't know who in the end will be in charge. But it will rid the US of the progressives for our lifetimes.

They will just keep pushing once libtards get an idea they are like little angry dogs, they hang on even to the leg that is bigger then they are. They will not let it die. Some dems have put polls on the sites. They are running 75%+ and up against bans. Yet they keep going saying that it is just the NRA types trying to screw up the truth.

Libs lie to themselves. And believe what they tell themselves. Liberalism, progressivism, communism, et al is a religion, it is a disease. It cannot be cured. You cannot change them. They think they lost this or that because their message was not heard. They just get more intense and angrier.

The S.E.A.L.s during Viet Nam and the Phoenix Project actually targeted Jane Fonda and Jerry Brown. They had files on them, their movements. They were targeted for neutraliztion. It was stopped by a new incoming commander. Something like that would not be stopped after a revolution.

Think France. Think Stalin. Their will be a purge. Instead of the wealthy in France or the someone like the water commisar in the USSR......

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After he fell out of Stalins favor......

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They don't get it, we will have people who bear grudges when and if this starts. People who have been vocal against not only guns but America, will disappear.

Ask a reporter what happens when the gov decides the 1st Amendemnt does not apply to them anymore they will call you paranoid. Mention the Alien and Sedition Acts by Adams. Reporters went to jail. Jefferson hated this and pardoned all who were still in jail, after he used it a few times himself, to teach a few who favored it a lesson. It has happened that is not paranoia.


October 31, 2012
Great post man and very true.

I would love those liberal commie bastards go out themselves to take guns. They would get a southern welcome they would not forget.


GOA Member
January 26, 2012
Excellent post, AD. As usual, you are right on.
The last time this country was so far apart on a very important and emotional issue like this was in the mid-19th century. The difference of opinion so great it led to secession and ultimately, civil war.
You are correct about the libs, they will not stop until someone stops them. I say if it comes to that, then so be it. It is OUR duty as law abiding citizens of this country, to stop these constitution destroying traitors at all cost.
These bastards have been chipping away at our freedoms for long enough.:flag: