Lautenberg To Sponsor Bill Restricting Online Ammunition Sales

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  1. NEW YORK, N.Y.– U.S. Senator Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ), Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY4) and advocates from the gun safety community announced new legislation being introduced this week that would restrict the sale of ammunition over the internet.

    The bill, called the Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act, aims to keep Americans safe by limiting the ability to anonymously purchase unlimited quantities of ammunition through the internet or other mail-order means. It would also require that ammunition dealers report bulk sales of ammunition to law enforcement.

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  2. I am SO glad that the losers from New York and New Jersey are looking out for my well being.

    Now, if they can ever clean up their own act, it would be a miracle.

    The bad part is now I have to go out and make another big ammo purchase that I really don't need at this time.

    Also, can these people really be so stupid as to think that instead of "making a new law" and all that, if they were really concerned about internet ammo sales, why not just ask the seller's who their customers are?

    This isn't rocket science. Just think a bit and they can have all the answers they want. Why must they introduce another law/bill? Must be to get that all important TV and media time.

    I'm sure the local FBI or ATF office can literally walk into any of the big ammo houses and ask "Who have you shipped more than 25,000 rounds to this year?" and within minutes, that data would be printed out. Heck, you could go to Discover or Visa and ask the same thing!!!!

    Oh well, as with pretty much everything in the cesspool we call politics, it's all eyewash for the slack jawed mouth breathers who can't tear themselves away from American Idol and the Kardashians long enough to figure out what's happening all around them.

    AD (sorry, my "rant" gene has now been medicated back to normal)
  3. diesel


    Feel better brother? Don't even let it get you down, just more "retard retoric" from the political arena.
    On another note, i'm glad not to be the only one other than Cableguy on this sight, to be pissed off all the time!!
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  4. diesel


    The days of the Road Warrior are right around the bend, Bro. Remeber that movie?........anarchy reigned, the tuffest survive, the ones most able to protect themselves ruled!
    I been say'n it for years and it looks like its finally here. Its going to be like the old west again. Every one pack'n, the meanest best shots will be lawmen, the politicos will run for cover......LMAO....can't f$cking wait!!!!!:rofl:

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