laughable idiots.

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  1. diesel


    The rag newspaper "journalism news" in new york,(the morons that published a map of all gun owners names and addresses in that particular county last week) has hired ARMED GUARDS, to protect their building and reporters!
    How fast these anti-gunners change their tune when the heat, that THEY brought on, comes down on them in the form of threats from gun owners and non-owners alike!:thumbs:
    Fox news claimed there were litteraly thousands of threats through the mail and e-mails.
    These geniuses deserve what ever retaliation they get.:flag:
  2. Even idiots should be protected, from themselves.

    To say they deserve what ever happens is not right. The fact they have gone to guns of all things to protect themselves demostrates how hipocritical they are, but we can not harm people just because they are idiots and have no moral compass to follow.
    I am glad the public is expressing their moral outrage through the 1st Amendment afforded them and if they can hurt their business through that action great. :clap:
    We as law abiding gun owners can not be the ones who through physically the first stone in the battle. Otherwise we are going to look like the gunnuts that they are trying to makes us out to be.
    We must be as tactical in our approach to this confrontation as we would be in an armed confrontation against someone with evil actions on his mind. Cool, calm and collected minds will win this and until all those avenues are exhausted we must be just that the calm effect in the crowd.
  3. diesel


    Re: Even idiots should be protected, from themselves.

    I'm sorry to disagree, Red, but i'm just sick and tired of these libs. How many police officers, prison guards, witnesses, etc. did these short sighted fools put in danger? How many UNARMED citizens did they put perhaps in MORE danger?
    All just to serve a ideological difference of opinion.
    I truly believe that has been the silent majority's problem all along.....Silence!!! I'm tired of sitting back watching Obamination make out gun owners as a lot of backwoods uneducated oafs.
    I believe it's time to stand up for what we believe in...what is right.
    What part of shall not be infringed do these liberals not understand?:flag:
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  4. Re: Even idiots should be protected, from themselves.

    These geniuses deserve what ever retaliation they get. You really don't think statements like this don't make us look like as you put it backwoods uneducated oafs? I think you are making their point for them.

    I agree that the article was published without cause or concern for the possible threat it could produce to those citizens listed and the urge to retaliate is easy to muster, but what does makes us. Worse than they are for publishing the material.

    NO, we have to take the high road and allow public opinion settle this on it own.

    YES, we must be verbal and verbally loud in response to such a stupid act on the part of a segment of the media that is supposed to be responsible journalist. Their protection under The Constitution is a given and we must support the whole Constitution, we can not pick and choose what we will and won't honor, The Constitution is our roots and without its protection we will perish. The public must determine who is allowed to remain in business by voicing what they want through their purchase of the product. No media group can support an individual entity that produces no revenue and is under fire all the time from the citizenry, it is simple economics
  5. diesel


    Re: Even idiots should be protected, from themselves.

    I will remain respectfully opposed to your opinion, Red. And no sir, I don't think it makes us look that way, so many of us are afraid to speak the truth. The libs have made most everything THEY oppose politically incorrect.
    I, for one sir, have had about enough of these fools. And I believe if you ask others like us, they will agree.
    The high road is awash with failed attempts to stop this foolishness civilly, let us do whatever is necessary to take our country back! :flag:
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    Re: Even idiots should be protected, from themselves.

    I see these types of things on other sites as well. ONe site I am on is so big on "public image" its pathetic. Most people were arguing before the election how obama was better for guns ( selling them maybe) and how he even added to our rights by signing a bill allowing carry in national parks.

    I love telling those morons I told you so now.

    America is under attack from within. Its not just our guns but that is the first thing they want to take so we cant defend ourselves.

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