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Latest Word on bullets and guns stock


September 5, 2012
From Valley Guns‘ Facebook page:

Attention F.B. fans: To follow will be several IMPORTANT Info updates about the status of the gun industry currently, followed by an INVENTORY UPDATE: We traveled to Texas for Industry meetings concerning the shortages, and here’s what we were told.

Smith & Wesson: Running at Full capacity making 300+ guns/day, mainly M&P pistols. They are unable to produce any more guns to help with the shortages.

RUGER: Plans to increase from 75% to 100% in the next 90 days.

FNH: Moving from 50% production to 75% by Feb 1st and 100% by March 1.

Remington – Maxed out!

Armalite: Maxed out.

DPMS: Can’t get enough parts to produce any more product.

COLT: Production runs increasing weekly…bottle necked by Bolt carrier’s.

LWRC: Making only black guns, running at full capacity …can’t get enough gun quality steel to make barrels.

Springfield Armory: Only company who can meet demand, but are running 30-45 days behind.

AMMO: Every caliber is now Allocated! We are looking at a nation wide shortage of all calibers over the next 9 months. All plants are producing as much ammo as possible w/ 1 BILLION rounds produced weekly. Most is military followed by L.E. and civilians are third in line. MAGPUL is behind 1 MILLION mags. Do not expect any large quantities of magpul anytime soon.


ALL Remington, Winchester, CCI & Federal primers are going to ammo FIRST. There are no extra’s for reloading purposes. It could be 6-9 months b/f things get caught up. ….


nra instructor
January 10, 2012
By some uncanny stroke of planning, genius or just blind dumb luck (more likely) I do believe I've got enough ammo to last me pretty much through the rest of the year of shooting IDPA stuff and an occasional "fun match" or two.

The key to me was being able to shoot all the IDPA matches through the year. Toss in a short amount of range time to "try stuff" from time to time, and I think I'll be OK.

Obviously as ammo shows up from time to time, I'll pick it up when I see it at a reasonable price, but at least I'm not down to my last box or two.

I'm low on .357 and .38spl but I don't shoot those calibers too much through the year, although I may be trading my Walther/PPK in to a neighbor who has a Ruger revolver that I "need" to shoot in IDPA for revolvers.

I still don't have any AR platform guns so that ammo is not a concern at this time.

Plenty of defensive handgun ammo as that doesn't get used up at all.

Anyway, I'll be glad when the ammo shortage is over. Too many people really starting to panic buy now and it's not helping in anyway.

I just ordered up another 4000 rounds of 45acp and 3000 of 9mm from a local loader. He says he's 700,000 rounds behind and should ship in September!!!

Oh well, at least he took the order.

I"m currently making small orders as they become available. Most will only let you order 1000 max at a time, so I do with projected deliveries months on down the road.

Plan ahead!!



Site Owner
October 7, 2011
Thank you for sharing that valuable information. I am just waiting to get a BCG still from midway. I hope they get them on the 28th like it states.

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