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Last chance for House Bill 495


September 8, 2012
Last June the Ohio House passed House Bill 495 (Laws, Acts, and Legislation) which removes the need for a competency certificate for a license renewal and also allows Ohio to recognize the license of any state willing to recognize Ohio's.

The bill has languished in the Ohio Senate due to the summer recess and the Fall campaigning season. The Senate has now scheduled eight sessions to finish this legislative season (Legislative Schedules). If HB 495 isn't voted on during one of these sessions, it is dead and the whole process has to start all over again with the new General Assembly in January.

Please contact your Ohio senator and also Senate President Tom Niehaus. Ask them to move this bill to a vote before the Senate ends its business in December.

You can contact Senate President Niehaus and your state senator at the Ohio Senate web site here:

The Ohio Senate
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January 17, 2012
Sec. 109.69. (A)(1) The attorney general may negotiate and enter into a reciprocity agreement with any other license-issuing state under which a concealed handgun license that is issued by the other state is recognized in this state if the attorney general determines that :
Why does it change "Shall negotiate" to "May negotiate"?


December 11, 2012
Forward is a good thing for 2A

As of 12-13-2012, HB 495 passed the last vote and is being sent to our governor for signing. He has favored all 2nd Amendment bills in the past and will likely sign this into law as well.
This will help with the following;
• Eliminate the renewed competency certification requirement for concealed carry license renewals. Currently, after the first renewal of your concealed handgun license, you must submit proof of renewed competency to show that you are range competent for all subsequent renewals. HB 495 would make it so that you can simply show your existing or expiring license or your original competency certificate as proof that you have had the necessary training for all renewals.
• Change the definition of a loaded firearm in a vehicle. Currently, a firearm is considered loaded if a loaded magazine is present in the vehicle, even if the magazine is not inserted into the firearm. HB 495 would change this definition so that the magazine must be inserted into the firearm before it is considered loaded.
• Define “Concealed Handgun License†in one section of the Ohio Revised Code and clarify that this definition applies to all references of a concealed handgun license throughout the state code. HB 495 would simplify state law and make it easier to read, understand, comply with and enforce.
The State of Ohio taking these steps forward I hope will mean greater steps in the future for the citizens of Ohio with regard to our 2nd Amendment Rights.