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Laser Revelation


nra instructor
January 10, 2012
Let me state at the outset. I am not a laser person. I do not have one on any of my sidearms.

OK, with that out of the way, let me tell this short story.

In the past, I actually did have a laser on one of my old carry guns. It was on the Walther PPK/s and it functioned just fine. Always worked. However, after a time shooting the gun (several weeks) I discovered that during training/practice that I was literally chasing the laser around to make the shot and not actually shooting the target! I couldn't break myself of the habit so I removed the laser, sold it on eBay ($255) and went back to iron sights.

That was my story to anyone who would listen when they wanted to add a laser to their sidearms.

Well, I've got a guy who shoots with my regular band of pirates on Monday night and he's got a mounted laser on his sidearm. He doesn't use it during the IDPA shoot, but he's pretty well entrenched with it during "normal" times. As it turns out, we were both at the range on Wednesday and he was goofing off with the laser (green) trying to "spot" it on the targets 20 yards downrange.

For some reason, I get the bright idea to have him "light me up" with the laser at 10 yards. I wanted to see what the bad guy would see if you hit him with the laser in the daylight. Just something I thought would be good to know.

So, after clearing the gun twice and removing all ammunition from our bodies, I went out 10 yards and had him "spot me".

Not a big deal. I could see the laser on my chest, but nothing unusual that would make me "not attack" the guy with the gun.

Then I had him "spot" me in the face with it.

WOW! Instant incapacitation. I couldn't get my face turned away fast enough! All he had to do was momentarily hit me in the face with it and I was out of the game.

Never realized it was that bad.

Then we tried it at 20 yards. He had a bit of trouble actually getting the laser on to my body, but once he did, we tried the "face shot" again and once more, I was taken out by the laser. It is INSTANT. You won't stand there looking at it. You will immediately turn away and try to escape the laser.

So, although I still don't wish to have a laser mounted on any of my carry guns, I can see where it would come in very useful to perhaps end a confrontation that might have ended in a shooting. Even in broad daylight, the intensity of the laser at 20 yards to your eyes was something you don't want to hang around for.

AD (the greens spots you see will go away in about 10 minutes or so)

PS If you should decide to test this yourself, make DOUBLE SURE that the lasered gun is EMPTY and then check it again. Do not have any ammunition on anybody for the test. None. Not a single round. And then double check the firearm before pointing it at your buddy.
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September 5, 2012
2 outta 3 of my dogs are into the laser dot they try to kill it.

As for me. I ain't getting one until they work hand held and like Star Wars.

Green light lasers are what can be used to instantly make you want to vomit. Have seen them tested on vehicle mounts for the Military. But don't think you can get the intensity outta something that can fit in your hand yet.