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    Went to the niles show Sat. Didn't hear anything from Wolf so did not buy any .308s. Best price i found were Lake City once fired for $18 per hundred. As i'm not a reloader, i don't know if this price is good, bad, or indifferent.
    btw, .308s were easily bought, there were many vendors selling them.:flag:
  2. Damn I forgot ALL about that. Yeah $18 for Lake City Brass is not bad at all. Perhaps next time God willing and money too.
  3. diesel


    I'll remind you before i go again, my friend.
  4. Thank you much appreciated Diesel. =)
  5. my 308 7.62 stock of cases,bullets, & primers. Cases are seperated per headstamp,most are LC of different years.
  6. diesel


    10mm, I ran into the ammo man Tues. Said he wouldn't sell now because of the shortage of ammo. After a bought him a few drinks, he agreed to sell me only a thousand rounds. He took my phone # but hasn't called yet. Wonder how long he'll make me wait? Claimed to take $250 for the thousand rounds. Don't think I believe him.:confused: :flag:

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