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Kahr saying FOAD to NY


September 5, 2012
There are some outs in their statements, but execs have started to buy property in PA.


There are some ‘ifs’ in this poconorecord.com article on Karh Arms’ potential move out of the Empire State. But scribe Beth Brelje includes enough kinda somewhat they look like definitive statements to make a Kahr Arms exodus sound probable. The gunco’s currently headquartered in deep in the heart of SAFE Act land: Blauvelt, New York. Their production facility is in the equally inhospitable Worcester, Massachusetts. Two states that have made it abundantly clear that gun makers, their products and their customers aren’t welcomed. If the report at Pocono Record article is to be believed . . .

the 70-mile move from Blauvelt to Pike County, Pennsylvania would be a relative hop, skip and a jump for company brass. Yanking the manufacturing operation out of the Bay State would, of course, be a little more involved.

Already the company has hired engineering, legal and real estate firms to work on the project. It is conducting an executive search for an operations manager to oversee the building phase.

And that’s not all . . .

Some company executives who will work at the new offices have already purchased homes in Pike County, (Kahr spokesman Frank) Harris said.

If Kahr goes through with the move, Governors Cuomo and Patrick will see the first significant fallout of their post-Newtown civilian disarmament enthusiasms. It couldn’t happen to two nicer people.


December 11, 2012
As costly as these types of moves will be for companies that openly support the 2nd Amendment, it is my hope that the shooting public reward them with deliberate support for their actions. :thumbs:

We as 2A supporters have an obligation to reward those companies that openly defy government entities attempting to destroy our freedoms as law abiding citizens. Purchasing power by the shooting public is only one way of supporting them, giving public support will help those other companies sitting on the fence to make up their minds and take a stand knowing the citizens that they support will support them. :flag: :flag:


GOA Member
January 26, 2012
It's good to see this, I hope more of the guncos do the same. bloomberg is to obama what himler was to hitler......time for these clowns to go!:flag:


August 29, 2013
It's good the companies are standing up. I'd prefer voters to stand up and change the laws instead.

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