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    Just thought I would ask for all of us to take a moment to say a silent prayer for those this picture represents. All those who gave all.

    They carry true "assault" rifles. They ask only to be given the chance to win. Fight if they must. Or avoid a fight if they can by show of force. But when force is needed, quick, violent and overwhelming. Yet with the compassion that is born in the American Soldier, and Marine. They show the world that you stand in front of innocents and defend them, instead of putting them in front of you.

    Some pay the ultimate price. Politics get in the way of the honor they deserve. The haters are always going to hate those who will step up and face dangers they would not. Fear is not lacking in our servicemen, it is ever present. Yet they face that fear and move to the sound of gunfire. They do not "overcome" that fear of danger, or death, they go in spite of that fear.

    The empty boots, helmet and rifle, are the grunts missing man. They don't get a flyover and have one jet peel off. They live with the direct effects. Anytime you read or hear an MOH recipient, they always say they did not deserve the Medal, but they will wear it in honor of those who did not return. Ture heroes ARE humble. They know what price was paid. They know they were blessed to live through it. They are human, they are flawed, but they are Americans. They are our sons, brothers and fathers.

    In these political times, I would say they are the "Greatest Generation" for there is no we would ever get 12-16 million men under arms, as we did during WWII. They join even with the anti's and the haters. There is more hate towards this generation of soldiers than during Viet Nam. And it is even more sinister. The false thanks and accolades from the politicians who the next day are attacking anything they do, and all they did.

    Just say a silent thank you to all those who serve, have served, and now serve as Angels.

    GOD Bless these True heroes.

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