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  1. Just some random pictures...
  2. more random pictures...

    just more random pictures...
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    As a former Ohio resident and currently having some family "up there", I do open carry while in Ohio as much as I can. I'll be keeping track of this forum for Ohio updates and the like before heading up north from time to time.

    Well, being a new guy here in the "new" forum, I may as well add at least two pictures to this thread.

    Nothing like open carrying while fishing, eh?


    And as long as were at it, here's one of my own favorites. I got creative one day and shot this one.

    AD (south Florida)

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    Thank you for sharing AD. Your always welcome to share photos here with out worry. =)

    I assume that is a Glock in a paddle holster?? That is the one pistol I've yet to fire or get. I am just too partial to my Springfield XD series but perhaps someday when I have a job again I will get a Glock for my collection.
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    By the looks of the mag release I believe that is an HK he's packing. :)
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    Hmmm, yet another weapon I would love to add to my collection. Perhaps it's time to part with my S&W 4516-1 and see what I can get.
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    I must be in the right forum as the gun in the holster is an H&K Compac LEM in .40S&W. It was my "duty" gun for the last 5 years or so of my working life.

    On the Smith 4516. Yep, that WAS my daily carry gun down here in Florida until last year when I "discovered" the Glock 30 (.45ACP).

    It was love at first sight and now the G30 is my daily carry gun, both CCW and OC.

    I don't think I'd ever get rid of that 4516 as it's just too nice of a gun and a classic steel gun from a long time ago.

    Here's how the H&K .40 and S&W 4516-2 stack up, so to speak.


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    Yeah JOS nailed it based on the mag release. I do like the H&K's but the cost is my biggest problem right now. The 4516-1 that I have was my dad's duty weapon for many years when he was a U.S. Customs officer.

    Now your making me re-think the 4516. I am probably gonna have to keep it now and just put my XD-S in layaway. I would carry the 4516 but it is do damned heavy compared to the XD's.

    Kinda funny having a member here with a 4516, I here so few people with them.
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    I was able to identify it because I use to own an HK USP .45 Tactical. My keen observation skills also tell me you are a lefty by the position of the safety on the HK. :) By the way, is that an F15 in the background of your avatar? The pic is kind of small so it's hard for me to make out.
  10. DEFCON1


    Re: more random pictures...

    Actually, my observation skills tell me it's a LEM (that and the owner said so) because there isn't a safety on either side of the HK. Reference the first pic. It's a light DAO.

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    Good catch, I should have looked a little closer at the first pic. :D I saw where he said it was an LEM but I'm not familiar with that model and didn't realize that it doesn't come with a manual safety.
  12. DEFCON1


    Re: more random pictures...

    Yep. It stands for "Law Enforcement Modification". Any USP series pistol can be converted to it. It makes the trigger pull a consistent DAO pull at about 4.5 pounds. I know other USP owners that like it, but I'm not a fan. I have a variant 1 I carry cocked and locked. I'm just a single action kind of guy. The thing I like about the USP series is that you can rather easily switch it to any trigger system and safety configuration if you have the parts. Most of the ones you see for sale though are LEM's or the heavier DAO's. Variant 1's are the most common but their owners tend to keep them. The variant 1 also can be loaded, cocked, or cleared with the safety on the whole time. Most safeties interfere with slide operation, but these don't. The other fun fact about the USP series is that with the slide locked back you can slam in a loaded magazine and it will close and load itself automatically. No tactical jerking of the slide or fiddling with the slide release. They're expensive, but well worth it in the long run. My USP has well over 30,000 rounds through it and I just recently had to re-spring it which took about 25 minutes to do. I'm quite satisfied with it.

    Also, my guess on the plane in the window would be a chinese JH-15, a variant of the russain SU-27 or SU-33. Sort of hard to tell. Photoshopped too most likely, but a fun pic.
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    Not only do you guys know your guns (and the 1/4" reset on the LEM trigger) but that is an SU-27 in the avatar.

    Now for the full story....

    On our first overflight of the former Soviet Union, my First Officer decided we had to have some kind of commemoration of the event.

    He took that picture and did Photoshop in the Su-27 to the window behind me.

    When we posted the full sized picture in our union newspaper, the rest of the pilots thought it was great.

    Uh, the company was not nearly as thrilled when they saw it and threatened both of us with "severe" repercussions if it wasn't retracted from anywhere "public".

    Well, I'm retired now and really don't care what they think!

    I also made the first flight of a UPS B-747 into Moscow one Christmas about a thousand years ago.


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    OK, to make sure this post is actually "on topic" the reason for it is because a discussion came up on one of the Florida gun forums about carrying concealed at Daytona for any of the NASCAR or AMA type races. I've always carried concealed there with no problems. It's probably a misdemeanor to carry there, but then, nobody's supposed to see it anyway so what's the big deal.

    Anyway, I posted up this picture there of why I attend the AMA motorcycle races as well as some of the NASCAR things. I much prefer the AMA races as they crowds are much smaller and you can get down into the pit lanes and hang out (and get in the way) of the guys who are actually racing on the high banks!! It's all very cool.

    So, here's a photo of me down in the pit area with one of the local "umbrella girls". Their sole job is to look beautiful and to hold an umbrella over the riders at the start line.

    I thought this one did an excellent job.

    So, what's the connection to guns and this picture?

    I was wearing my Walther PPK/S at the time under my jacket!

    I thought I heard her say "Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?"


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    LOL So did you tell her it was not a gun??

    Wow what a hottie AD. I am truly jealous of you at this point.
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    Oh God, does this ever end? Will this clown from Florida just quit posting stuff????

    Well, it was a very nice day out and here's proof!

    Open carried (of course) down to my local private range out in the wilds of Fort Ogden and to get some 10 yard "double tap" practice in and figure out why I'm pulling left with the follow up shot. Got it all fixed so I'm good to go and life is good. Also got about 100 rounds pushed out shooting at 25-28 yards to help me with the occasional IDPA "long shot" and the GSSF far targets. I was eventually dropping them in nicely, two at a time once I figured out what my trigger finger was doing.

    Anyway, as this is the bike photo section (for now), I had to take at least two pictures today. You guys up north who are still freezing your collective butts off while we bask in the late February sunshine can see where we get our "fresh" orange juice from!

    No, I did not shoot those oranges that are on the ground from the trees!

    The second one is of the bike doing "ammo table" duty while I was shooting.

    That's a Glock 30 on the seat and a Glock 34 on the tankbag.

    Life is good!



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    I don't get tired of the pictures AD. They are a nice addition to the board but make me jealous at the same time. :)

    It sure does look beautiful there. I would love to be in that orange grove with you shooting and eating oranges. We are expecting 1-3" inches of slush tonight. :(

    I have a bunch of target images I am going to try and upload to the site. Once of which is the famous Lee target to tell you what your doing to NOT hit the center. If I get some time I will work on doing that.

    P.S. thank you for the images.
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    Oh no, it's another stupid picture from that Florida guy.

    I was thinking about posting this one up in the Ammo section, but it's more like a general photo so I'll put it here.

    I had a very large order of ammo coming in from Georgia Arms and they were a bit late (like a week) on the shipping due to a slight backlog of available components (whatever) but it finally showed up today.

    Here's the proof.

    Don't yell at me for that Steelers railroad car. It's belongs to the wife!



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    Now that's what I call personal delivery. :D
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    OK, this one's for all of you guys who are .45ACP freaks. (Uh, that would include me).

    I was screwing around with the macro settings on an older camera a few years back and this was one of the results.



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