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  1. OregonNative


    Hey all, just moved from Oregon and so far really enjoying it here!

    Joined the forum to become more educated on Ohio's firearm laws, have access to classifieds, and meet some like minded folks!

    Glad to be apart!

    If anyone has a open seat for just about any out door adventures for a male 29 year old that gets along with everyone, I have me own equipment for most fishing and hunting. I'd love to get to know the area with someone else who knows where to go.
  2. welcome !
    what are your specific interests ?
    what part/area of ohio are you at ?
  3. diesel


    Hello there Oregon, welcome. You'll like the banter here (if your not a liberal, that is). The guys here can tell you pretty much anything you need to know about firearms.
    As far as the fishing and hunting goes, i can help you if your in the larger North/Eastern part of the state.
    Looking forward to your future posts.:) :flag:
  4. OregonNative


    Here in Strongsville,

    Left Oregon Mid Duck/Goose season right before it got really good which made me sad.

    I hear the steelhead fishing is killer here. I love to fly fish and cast as well. Looking forward to getting six months under my belt here so I can get my instate license.

    Growing up I archery hunted deer and elk, but always wanted to learn to rifle hunt.

    Love to hunt in general. Conservation and living off the land is a passion of mine.

    I am also geared for mountaineering/hiking, bouldering/rock climbing, Snowboarding, snowshoeing.
  5. MikeH121


    Welcome. And all that sounds way too tiring.:D

    Just a good cigar, a glass of scotch and some rounds going downrange, sounds good to me.

    Like swimming, I CAN swim I just don't unless the boat is sinking. :lol:
  6. Welcome to the community!

    You'll find a lot of good folks here despite us being a small community right now.

    If there is anything I can do to help please let me know. ;)

  7. OregonNative


    lol I enjoy those things as well @MikeH121!

    Thanks for the welcoming!

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