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Discussion in 'Handguns' started by MikeH121, September 11, 2012.

  1. MikeH121


    Anyone thought about or have ever bought any Hi-Point pistols?

    I could not resist. As a who cares if you mess it up gun. I got the 9mm for $149.00. Then went and got the 45ACP for $179.00. Polish the feed ramp and barely bend the top tabs on the mags and they shoot. They are acurate being a blow back barrel is part of the frame gun.

    The Carbines are all under 400.00 and except for mag capacity being only 10 rds they are accurate.

    Just asking. I would not use it as my primary defense weapon. But plinking and using it as a back up house gun.....

    They don't like cheap ammo or hollow points.

    They are hardy boat anchors.

    Hi-Point Pistols: The Ultimate Test RELOADED - YouTube
  2. I bought a HI-Point 9mm Carbine I cannot tell you how many years ago. I got mine when they first released them and to this day it has yet to disappoint me. I however do not own any of their handguns, just the carbine.

    Just watched the video as well and DAMN, they are a tough gun. Even after 10gr of bullseye AND bolt in the barrel it almost still functions. WOW!
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  3. diesel


    Very impressed with the Hi-Point. It's hard to believe it didn't blow with a bolt down the barrel. Definitly not a paper weight.:flag:
  4. I owned a 9mm a couple of years ago. It shot well and I don't recall any failures but it was sooo UGLY I coundnt keep it. I might get another for keeping in the car though.
  5. PrepperTraining


    I got one to give up if the storm troopers start collecting guns, but I have had it out several times and never had a problem with it. Part of the reason I picked it up was as a BUG gun for IDPA. My only complaint is the 8-shot magazine. I can only hope I run into ONLY 8 zombies.
  6. rjrivero


    I'd rather buy a used Glock than a new hi point. I couldn't own a gun that I couldn't use as a "primary self defense gun."
  7. MikeH121


    Use good ammo, polish the feed ramp and it shoots.

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