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Just a story.


September 5, 2012
Fear to Awesome.
Gersh Kuntzman claimed the AR-15 was scary. I was of the same mind years ago. I was young, no direction no self discipline and needed both. So I answered the repeated calls from an Army Recruiter.
Paperwork, tests, physicals and off I went to Basic Training. I soon found out what the anti establishment people have been saying was true. We were herded like cattle, run this way run that. You have 2 minutes to get off the bus and 1 minute is already gone. Stand in lines get your uniform, get your hair chopped off, and then came the drugs. They had some mean looking huge needles and shot us all with all sorts of who knows what? I think it was all mind control and super steroids to make us no longer think or feel. We just started to think, WAR.
As the training went, turning us all into killing machines, it soon got to the day we were issued the dreaded M-16 Assault Rifle. The only difference from the AR-15 is it could shoot fully automatic. We learned how to take it apart, clean it load it using dummy rounds, they looked so small to me, I grew up shooting things like the Marlin lever rifle in 35 Remington and my dad's 30.06 bolt action. As well as 20 and 12 gauge shotguns. But to its size, was I wrong. The Drill Sargent informed us it was the deadliest cartridge ever designed for military service. Inside I chuckled.
We were soon introduced to the live fire range. The Range Officer (RO) told us it takes training and physical endurance to shoot the M-16. As he had years of this he demonstrated the fact by holding the butt of the rifle against his groin and shooting 20 rounds on full auto. We were in AWE!!! He was hardcore. No signs of pain showing, and he was breathing easy as he turned and gave a smile. But there was a look in his eyes.
The RO asked if any of us shot a rifle left handed, I raised my hand. While I am right handed I always have shot a rifle as a lefty and pistols with either, either eye but rifles always felt better on my left shoulder. The RO then said I would need a brass deflector. I said “Isn't that already on the receiver?” He said, “Okay smart guy, you don't get one, but no crying to your mama when the brass case comes out and slices your face as it burns your skin off.” Fear. Just the way he said it made me start to regret opening my mouth.
Onto the firing line, load 5 rounds into the magazine, insert the magazine, release the bolt, sight in your target move the selector to semi-auto and fire when ready. BOOM!!! It nearly took my shoulder off. I hit the steel target 25 meters away and it just exploded. The round ejected, went across the vision of my right eye causing temporary blindness from the heat wave and the shiny brass. (didn't touch my face)
I could feel me adrenaline souring through my veins. I never felt so much raw yet awesome power. At that moment I thought 30.06 be damed how did we ever win WWII with such a weak round? How though did we lose in Viet Nam, the 5.56 should have simply vaporized the enemy.
Through the years in the Army I fired a lot of ammo. The M-60 was fast but weak compared to the 5.56. I thought how a civilian should never be allowed to possess the 5.56 as they had the 30.06 after the War. The M-16 began to turn me. It became as though a drug. Maybe it was the sulfur that was in the powder. It smelled like the fires of hell but felt as though I was in heaven.
After years of service I think my family did an intervention and I got out of the Army, it is still foggy. 20 years later I finally decided that I needed therapy. All my guns were just not doing it for me. I had tapered off. So I bought and built my first AR-15. I just wanted it, never intended to shoot it. Then a friend had some .223, I thought okay it works but it ain't 5.56. It was fun to shoot but still didn't give me the rush of the small battlefield personal nukes that were the 5.56, vaporizing the enemy were he stood. Then I found a deal on some surplus M855 Ball.



September 21, 2014
You are my hero[emoji3][emoji3][emoji3]

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