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It is Time for John Galt....


September 5, 2012
It is time for Atlas to Shrug. It is time for all the companies to get together and say no more. All the new companies started after the AWB expired. The ammo makers, the pistol companies. The small to large companies that make anything.

Enough is enough. It is time to stand for something.

Such as, "We will no longer manufacture or service any weapon, or make or sell any ammo to any government agency. All contracts with Police departments and Federal agenicies will be suspended. Blaming inanimate objects for the actions of individuals does not solve anything. Our government attacks us, blames us, taxes and regulates us, makes it harder to do business, expects us to keep taking it, our employees work hard, have families to support, pay taxes, live and work in their communities, yet the actions of our own government makes them criminals. If the citizens have no need for AR-15's, shotguns, rifles, semi-auto pistols, 20-30 round magazines, then our Policing agencies also have no need for these either. The government itself does not manufacture arms, ammo, magazines, flashlights, GPS's, computers, vehicles. They do not make the uniforms and gear, they do not drill for oil and refine gas, the government cannot make cell phones, or maintain anything without spare parts. If we decide to strike to no longer produce, who will? What can the government do? There is not enough agencies, without the companies there is not enough money, to run this economy. We are not the bad guys, the bad guys will do bad things, blame them not everyone else. Lock up the criminals, do not make us into criminals simply by passing a law, and telling the people over and over that we are the bad people because we produce things. We are evil because we don't pay enough, we are wrong because we are not regulated enough, we have taken it for too long. It is time for it to stop. If the government can make the food let them, if they can make the things to make the economy work then let them. They can only do that by forcing the citizens to do it and taking over companies. The government can make us slaves if only we do not stand. If we let it happen buy doing nothing. Yet we can stop the government also buy doing nothing. We will no longer collect your taxes, pay your social security, your medicare, your unemployment. We will no longer make products since the government says those things we produce are bad. We will no longer take government credit cards for fuel, for food, for services. Let the government make its own gas for the police, and fire departments. Let them make the parts to repair the vehicles. Let us see how many days it lasts."


October 31, 2012
Post like that you should be running for office. Oh I almost forgot. It seems only complete morons can be in Washington. You make too much sense.