It is a sickness I tell you

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by MikeH121, January 23, 2015.

  1. MikeH121


    So stopped in LGS Thursday. Just stopped by to ask what the trade in would be for my CZ75 PO7 Duty in 40 cal.

    I took that and my XD40 to the range on Dec 30th. I like the CZ, slimmer grips, nice trigger. But I am not getting rid of my XD.

    Might trade it for a M&P 9mm or Maybe even a 1911. Only paid 325.00 trade in should be almost 400.00.

    Then I stayed a bit too long and bought this. Charter Arms Undercover 38SPL 5 shot. 1970. For 175.00


    It is a sickness I tell you. Can't walk into a gun shop without walking out with one. Just bought that PF11 for 300.00 after Thanksgiving. And today I bought a Galco Holster. Which also fits my Cadet 39, the KelTec PF11 and my FEG PA63. Some snap caps and another box o 38's

    Point Blank in Blue Ash has a Palmetto lower kit complete with buffer and stock all spings pins and trigger for 118.00, They have an Anderson Arms made in Hebron KY, lower for 55.00 and Brownells has a flat top with BCG for 149.00 bundled. May end up building another AR.

    Sick I tell ya.
  2. with you it's gun shops,with me it's gun shows.
  3. diesel


    Nice little wheely, Mike.

    Question, are the Anderson firearms any good?......I mean are they reliable and do they hold up to moderate use?:confused:
  4. MikeH121


    The Lower looked good. I asked while there it looked clean so in the case it actually looked like Poly. It is alum. They wire cut the magwell so it is smooth. No machine marks. Mustang Logo on the side. 55 bucks is a great price for a lower. Both locations of Point Blank in Cincinnati carry them. I bought an Anderson Arms Charging handle back in November, and it is smooth and slick feeling. Fit well and works well, replaced my mil-spec no name charging handle.

    As for the wheelie, there is wear on the blue on top and on the cylinder. Took it apart, grips, spring 2 screws and 2 pins lower frame took off 1 screw and cylinder comes off. Did not take the trigger assy apart. 1 screw removes the hammer. Cleaned and olied and works smooth. Will probably touch up the blue worn spots.
  5. Guy at work has built a couple AR's using Anderson Lowers. He seems impressed with them. Got them pretty damn cheap if I remember correctly.
  6. daniellawecki


    Yes it is just got back from the doctor. Well Acute Bronchitis my cure hell I'm going shooting pick up meds later. So shooting is the disease the cure is to shoot more. So who in their right mind would do things like this a shooting machine like me. Three weeks I've put the doctor off. I sure wouldn't miss shooting even outdoors but today it's inside.

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