It is a disease.

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by MikeH121, September 7, 2012.

  1. MikeH121


    Walked in a gun store today. Some guy was selling. They were saying not a lot of people are calling looking for that. Deal done. He walked out I said make me a deal. 75.00 out the door.

    Nagant Pistol 1945 7.62x38R. Holster, lanyard, cleaning rod and screwdriver. No ammo.

    They just didnt think they would sell it.

    That makes ten guns in the past 5 months. Not counting the 2 that were given. 1 became wall art and I gave it back. 1 becomes wall art that I keep. They were 2 out of 4 shotguns. 12 gauge single shot 1908-1928 years. 2 in bad shape not shootable. They were dove for in a dumpster in his brothers neighborhood after an estate sale.

    8 out of the 10 I bought were used. 2 new. I tell you I is addicted.
  2. Congrats on the new purchase. That was a deal too, wish I was around for one. Make sure there are pics for us too. ;)

    I agree it's a disease and/or addiction to say the least. Gun are likes lays potato chips, you can't own just one. :D
  3. diesel


    Wait til you become selectively addicted, Mike. I'm a freak for blued revolvers, i can't seem to pass one up if i've a chance to bye it.
    I find myself looking in gun shops i pass, stopping at garage sells, any damn way to look for them.:notlooking:
    I wonder if there may be any $$ in gun purchase rehabilitation?....LOL
    Now that you ARE addicted, try garage sells and ask the folks if they've any guns to sell, even if they're not advertised. I have got some sweet deals this way. Check out the pic of the S&W 586-1 i have posted in the "what caliburs" thread. I bought that at a garage sell in July for $400.00.:flag:

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