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It happened again


nra instructor
January 10, 2012

So there are four of us in McDonald's having a late lunch/snack before heading out on our own ways for the rest of the day.

The subject of "open carry" comes up (it's in the Florida legislature as we type) and the discussion gets started.

The usual arguments of "tactical surprise", "I don't want to be the bad guy's target", "scaring people" and all that. I pretty much take it all in stride with me being the pro-open carry guy among the three.

Once all the bluster and arguments both ways have settled down I pose a hypothetical scenario to the group. It has to do with two guys coming into the store and pulling a robbery right at the counter, guns drawn and they actually wound one of the kids behind the counter. How will we handle this as a "team"?

They come up with all kinds of ideas, most of which are pretty good.

I then tell them none of this will work.

They give me a ration of crap about my thoughts on the matter.

Then I explain my reasoning.

It's simple. I'm the only guy at this table with a sidearm! End of discussion.

All the posturing and explanation and rationale earlier about open vs concealed carry was all wasted because NONE of them (all active shooters every week) was carrying at that time.

They all kind of looked a bit sheepish at that point.

Advantage Andy!! :D



March 24, 2013
Very true a lot of my friends have CCW'S. And like Andy says their guns are back home in the safe. Must make them feel safe that no can get too their guns.