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  1. I have added a new invitation system to the board. All you have to do is go into private messaging and it is the last option on your left hand side.

    Enter in the email address and the system will send an automated message to that person with an invitation link for them to click.

    Hopefully that will make thing a bit easier and help get the word out as well.

    Please let me know if there are issues so I can correct or disable this modification.


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  2. not sure I understand. We enter somebodys' e-mail address(a non-member of OhGunOwners) and it will send out an invite to join OhGunOwners. Is that the concept.
  3. Yep you got it...that is exactly it. It will send a private invitation to them and bring them to the register screen. :)
  4. 'out of state'rs OK ? I got a NC acquaintance that when I go down there,we go to gun shows(and some of them are incredible shows).

    What about companies like Brownells,get them to become a member with us,maybe,getting a discount code ?

    potentials are unlimited.
  5. I have no issues with out of state users. ALL are welcome here with the fore knowledge that we are primarily focused on Ohio though.

    I agree with you on the Brownells idea as well. I am trying to grow the membership here with the hope that we can strike some deals with companies for group buys and what not.
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  6. BuckJM53


    Andy ... Does the invitation reference the screen name of the member who sent the email, or is it just a generic invitation to the forum?
  7. I can see who sent the invitation in the system. There is a detail link in the list to click.
  8. BuckJM53


    Andy ... I assumed you could see. My question was whether or not the recipient would know who sent the invitation (sorry that I wasn't more clear)?
  9. Here is a copy of the email that is sent.

    whitewolf68 thinks you might like our siteTo verify this invite and register to our site please click the link below.

    All the best,
    OHGunOwners Ohio Gun Owners Forum

    Of course the link is created just for that person and differs from email to email
  10. BuckJM53


    Thanks for the clarification :)

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