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    Very good.

    Here lies our biggest problem about gun control or any other control the government tries to take. We let it happen at all. Since our country began when the government over stepped it bounds we didn't do anything about it and when we did, the civil war, we as citizens didn't stick together and fight the government instead of each other. You know the old saying, if you give an inch they will take a mile, way before now citizens of our country let the government chip away at our rights. Trying to stop a forward moving train is much harder than trying to stop the train from moving at all.
  3. Brat,

    Very true. However, I think that the tide "may" be turning as there really appears to finally be a legitimate backlash to the innane laws that are attempting to be passed.

    It won't take a whole lot of "civil disobedience" to make any and all stupid laws just fade into the past.

    Like others have stated before me, there a a LOT of people who own an AR platform (and other guns) who will no longer simply agree to a compromise.

    There is a line being drawn in the sand and I do believe it will be the government who folds on this one.

    I simply cannot see any government agency confiscating legal guns without serious repercussions.

    New York may think they can pull it off, but I'm afraid they're in for a rude surprise and perhaps then they'll realize what fools the New York "elite" really are.

    Also notice that the guys making the laws are not the guys who will actually be in the trenches attempting to make this whole gun grab scheme work!

  4. Minimal Brat

    Minimal Brat

    I do agree. I fear out of the numbers who say they would stand and fight very few will. I would love to have one of those guns. Thanks guys lol I will shoot anything now lol.
  5. Derail the train?

    An old law which by apathy US citizens have allowed to be overwritten. We have become to comfortable with our freedoms and in general don't know what it is like to have fought for them. Hopefully the growing attitude will infect our younger generations and they will become less complacent and more pro-active in maintain their true freedoms.
    Short of derailing the train, we need to force it to run out of fuel. Change the representatives that are engineering its operation.
  6. You're probably right, but the ones who will take a stand will really make a difference, assuming the mainstream media will even cover it.

    If they get one guy who stands, it will play out as some kind of gun nut.

    However, once they start getting reports of 4 or 5 a day in each city and then 10's and 100's of people just saying "NO", the lamestream media won't be able to hide behind the "gun nut" story any longer.

    Throw in a few shootouts in a few "nice" neighborhoods and see who backs down then.

    I believe you'll find a lot of 65 to 85 year olds just saying "NO". Most of them have been in combat, for real, and know what to expect. There's no sense in kidding anybody. There are still true Patriots out there who believe in a lot more than just the stupid adminstration we have today.

    The first few killings over this will make all the difference.

    AD (AGe 65 and have a world of "life experience" to reflect on)

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