Interesting .40 S&W report

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by ADulay, December 23, 2013.

  1. All,

    Tonight we had a strange happening to one of the shooters.

    He showed up at the ready line one bullet short for the start. Not a big deal as one of the other shooters tossed him one of his reloaded .40's to make capacity.

    At the "Load and Make Ready" command, he charged the gun and the bullet misfed.

    Once again, not a big deal, but he extracted that bullet, put it back into the magazine and recharged it again.

    Same thing! The bullet wouldn't feed!

    Now this shooter normally used FMJ "round nose" bullets and the one that was tossed over to him was a flat nosed bullet and it would not feed!

    After the match we tried a few other bullets from other "40" shooters and NONE of the flat nosed bullets would feed but the round nose bullets were fine.

    Just another reason to make sure the ammo works with the gun.

    Checking my .40S&W ammo I see that it's all flat nosed rounds which is pretty common for the 40's.

  2. My Springfield XD will feed and eat just about anything thankfully but that is some good food for thought.
  3. MikeH121


    Same here Wolf my Springfiled has NEVER malfunctioned. No matter the shape of the ammo's nose.
  4. to ADulay,what was the gun ?
  5. Oldman,

    I'll check with the shooter tomorrow or Monday at the latest and see what he's running.

    I know it's not a Glock because I generally ask all Glock shooters what they're running when they come to the line and I'm the SO.

    My backup G23 runs all kinds of ammo through it in .40S&W.

  6. The shooter in question told me last night it was an M&P.

    He didn't mention a particular model other than it was in .40S&W.

    He still thinks it was just a bad bullet and we'll be checking it out with more detail, and a variety of other bullets, on Monday night.

  7. last fall(2012) a friend came up from N.C..during his stay we went to the indoor range in Eastlake. He brought some nines' and I brought some nines'. His little Sig 938 wouldn't chamber my reloads,the other 5 nines' we had with us were fine. There are complaints on the forums of the little 900 series Sigs in failure to chamber and uncomfortable as far as 'hand fit'.

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