Indiana OC Law?

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  1. Anyone here have any knowledge of the Indiana law on OC? Recently on a trip to my parents house I was OC'ing. Now mind you I go by Ohio law mostly, I was OC'ing with my dad as well and no one said a word in all the places we went too.
  2. When I visit my buddy in New Albany, Indiana (just across from the KY state line in Louisville) we open carry when doing breakfast and lunches at a lot of the local diners and especially at the "Huddle Hut" which is a poor man's version of a Waffle House. I used to spend a lot of time up there when I was still working as my crew base was Louisville.

    Never had any problems with it and one of the diners we go to is about one block from the police station!

    I've also OC'ed in Pennsylvania when visiting my in-laws up near Pittsburgh.

    No problems there either.

  3. Good to know. I was a bit worried at the time but both my dad and I were OC'ing. He is a retired federal police officer so there is usually no issues. I just don't want to have any if I encounter local a LEO on my own. :D
  4. I just moved to Ohio from Indiana. Indiana doesn't distinguish between open and concealed carry the way other states do. Their carry permit is just that: a permit to carry a handgun. If you are open carrying without a license, you are wrong.

    Indiana and Ohio also do not have reciprocity. Indiana recognizes all other states' permits like Noel said. Ohio does not honor Indiana's, though. I wish they did as it would make my life a lot easier. Unfortunately, that is not the case.
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    Indiana Honors all other states Permit/Licenses. So I don't understand why I need an Indiana license if I have my Ohio one.
  6. That's true, Noel. Thanks for saying that. I shouldn't have said that you need an Indiana license. I meant to point out that you are required to have some form of carry permit in Indiana whether you are open or concealed carrying. You can't open carry without a permit like you can in other states.
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    Alright, good. I wasn't calling you out or anything, I was just re-verifying what I had already read. in other places.

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