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Incorrect Politics


September 5, 2012
THIS is what we are up against. I never new a sling attachment(1) also did triple duty, as (2) a bayonet lug, and (3) a Granade launcher attachment. People of the gun meet the Hoplophobes of the inkwells.

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More True during the daily grind.

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And you thought wheelguns cannot be high capacity assualt machines :D This pic could cause Cuomo and Bloomberg to have a heart attack. :evil:

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So true.

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And on another note. The left says Obama is the smartest man ini the room. I will give that to him.

He is the smartest man in the room, but the room is the size of the universe and the universe is a vaccum as is Obama. He sucks the air out of the world, he sucks the liberty out of America, he sucks the print off the Constitution....hell he just plain SUCKS.