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  1. All,

    Well it seems these two guys up in Boston wound up car jacking somebody and took off in the car.

    The "chase" would have ended quickly in Florida or Georgia because once they carjacked somebody here, they would be shot on the spot by the armed owner of the car!

    End of problem.

    However, as they're in the gun free area of Boston, they will now wind up with millions of dollars in costs for law enforcement, security, closed businesses, etc.

    I'm thinking purchasing pressure cookers will now be subject to a background check. Registration of cooking utensils, KNIVES and other sundry articles of death will soon be under the control of the ATF.

    ME? I'm stocking up on salt and pepper and hoarding salsa before the prices rocket upward!

  2. MikeH121


    What size pressure cooker DO you really need. Come on AD you don't need a six qt when you can just get by with a 4 qt. The other 2 will just piss off "mother" bloomberg. As for salt and pepper.... Now you have gone and done it adding Pressure cooker Salsa, pepper and then making them mixing with the last would make them AS-SALT style kitchen implements and only the military and police need AS-SALT style anything. :rofl:

    As to shooting the Chechnian "MUSILM" terrorists then you would have to deal with CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood and all the dolts at CNN, MSNBC et al for the hate crime of using "gun violence" against a bomb maker. How mean spirited. :rofl:
  3. OH NO!!

    "As-Salt" kitchen ware!!!



    PS That was very clever.
  4. Re: In Any STATE at all.

    Hey! I've got a nice tee-shirt that says that on it!!

    Wear it to the range every now and then. Get lots of positive comments on it for sure.


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