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  1. All,

    As I normally post up graphics using an external source for hosting (Picasa), which is free, I wanted to see if having this site has the ability to host graphics and then post them, as in other BBS systems.

    Yes, it does allow you to add graphics to your own "album" of files. So far so good.

    Now let's see if it's easier to actually POST the message and see what the results are.

    So, I've uploaded four pictures to my own folder here in this forum.

    Here's an attempt at posting the first one, full sized using the "Insert Image" icon in the message editor and uploading a file directly from my own computer. As you can see it shows up as an attachment icon and you have to click on it to see it full sized. This isn't normally what I have in mind when posting a graphic. Let's try something else.

    View attachment 237

    OK, let's try this one.

    Let's upload the graphic to our holding area/album here in the forum and post THAT picture.

    Down down to the bottom of your message composition, click on "manage attachements", select one of the photos in your album, drag it to the insertion area and click on "Insert Inline". Hopefully that will produce the desired effect which would be the following....

    View attachment 238

    Once again we wind up with the same outcome as before. The attachment icon is there but you still have to click on it to see what you really meant to post!! Not what I'm looking for.

    OK, let's try one more time.
    How about we upload the picture from our computer to our "off site hosting" area. In my case it's Picasa web albums. I use it to back up all of my photos as it's free, it's huge and should you run out of room, you just make another account and keep adding photos! Did I mention it was FREE?

    Anyway, once you've uploaded your photos, you have the option to keep the public (nah, no need for that) or private or for those with the "link only". In my case I just make them link only and once I post it up somewhere, anybody with the link can see the picture!

    So, I head over to Picasa (smugmug, joeblows hosting, hotmail, whatever) and get the LINK to the photo.

    I come over here and click on the same icon that says "Insert Image" but instead of uploading the photo from my computer, I select "FROM URL" and then paste the link into that line. Uncheck the box that says "retrieve remote file and reference locally".

    Now, when the message reads that line, it goes and gets the picture directly, in real time, and you wind up with this....


    HEY!! Now that's more like it! It's the way I wanted to picture to show up in the first place!

    So, for those of you who are having a devil of a time getting your graphics to upload like you want them to, use this thread for "testing" and once you get the hang of it, you'll wonder how you could have messed it up all those times before.

    Also, this works is 99.5% of ALL of the forums including every single gun forum I've ever been on.

    AD (open carry advocate, baccarat player, 747 Captain and all around good guy)

  2. Does Picasa only give one link to choose from? I use Photobucket. It gives links for 1) Email & IM 2) Direct Link 3) HTML Code and 4) IMG code

    I can copy the IMG code, come back to the forum here, and paste it directly into the post box. No need to click "insert image" or the rest of that.

  3. Yep, there are several "variations" of the links and HTML code as needed.

    This appears to be one of the newer forums that allow you to simply paste the link and it will "understand" that it's a graphic. A lot of them won't and you'll have to use the "insert image" icon to get it to work right.

    Nicely done on your photo.

  4. This is only a test, again.

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  5. Just bored today.

    But taking your Jeep to a friend's range can't be all bad, right?


  6. Test

    If this graphic shows up from the iPad/Tapatalk connection, I"ll be amazed. It is not formatting correctly on the screen.

    She is so going to sweep her hand on the draw. Not good.



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  7. Ok, one more time.


    That was a round trip from camera to Smugmug to iPad to Photos to wherever the heck
    Tapatalk "hosts" the local photo to this message.

    Hey, as long as it works.

    The next test is to see if the graphic stays once I remove it from the iPad.

    AD (mad scientist in residence)

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  8. diesel


    Your a computer genius, AD. I'm no good at "computer" so if I can do it, anyone can.
    Thanks for the great tip, my friend.:D:flag:

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