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I'm A Newbie and a Ruger Nut!


February 22, 2015
:clap: So anyway, I've always wanted a Ruger Mini Thirty Ranch rifle and I happened to be back home in Owatonna, MN last fall and low and behold, there's a Mini thirty in 7.62x39 at a very decent price. I looked closely at it and it appeared to have some rust on the S/S and one little teenie chip by the butt stock. Looked inside the barrel and it was somewhat gucky. Long story short, not only was I ignorant (actually too excited to pay attention) but the gun library dude was also taken aback when I mentioned all the defects hence the $550 purchase price (marked down). Got er home finally and my son, who is in the Army, started taking it apart to clean it up and it was then that he mentioned "hey, this thing's never been shot and that rust is packing grease and the barrel had it in as well. We looked up the serial number and its a 90's weapon, that'd never been shot, and if it was in the box it'd be a NIB (except for the chip of course).

Well, long story short, now that I had the Mini 30 of course the next logical step was to go with a Mini 14 in .223/5.56, right? Found one at Vances, an old original model from the 70's that was a Springfield PD trade in and rough. Took a look at the price and knew that wouldn't cut it. Told the sales dude I'd do $150 off of the price he told me that wouldn't get it but he'd present it anyway. Bit latter, he came out and said he'd worked at Vance's for 8 years and never saw them discount a gun in the amount they'd just done. Took er home and proceeded to update it with a new series top, the old one was wood and it'd jam you're fingers if you weren't careful. Took the stock down and got rid of all the gouges, etc. Hand finished the stock with five coats of linspeed oil and it came out like this (note, the trigger assembly is missing as its at the gunsmith's getting a trigger enhancement down to 3.5 #'s:

Oh, by the way, the one on the left is a Ruger #3 in .223. It was in rough shape to and as you can see I've refinished it as well.

So, I'm officially a Ruger nut BUT the best is in the mail. Bought a Lipsey's series No 1 in 7.62x39, S/S over select walnut, one of the "first" of the Lipsey's series Rugers that was ordered for one of their customers (250) and latter gave rise to the exclusive that Lipsey's now has with the Ruger No 1's. Its NIB and I'll post it when it gets here this week.

Anyway, hope ya like the pics, I have a ball bringing em back to life. The one from Cabela's didn't need a thing.


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