Illinois Concealed Carry ban Unconstitutional!?!?!!??

Discussion in 'The 2nd Amendment' started by rjrivero, December 13, 2012.

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    With the Appellate court decision 2-1 that makes the Illinois ban on concealed carry illegal, there is A LOT of discussion going on right now on just what the next step will be.

    If the Chicago Politicians and Brady Bunch take this to the Supremes they risk being the 3rd high profile gun rights case in recent years. So far the Court is 2/2 in favor of the 2nd.

    I watch anxiously to see where this goes next.

    The Decision

    The Posturing
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  2. I was just reading about that yesterday. From what I have heard Illinois has 180 days from the 10th to draft a "resaonable" CC bill. My only worry is that it will be do diluted that it will be almost impossible for them to have any rights.

    Also with the inception of the bill it will be interesting to watch the number of people that get a license and what it will do to the crime rates in Chicago. :)
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    I see it as exactly the opposite. The Dems have no teeth left. They are mandated by court order. Remember the previous bill that tried to make compromises with extended training, significant background checks and gun registration? Kiss all of that shit goodbye. No need to put that in now that the court has handed you your ass.

    Any bill that gets sent forward will be void of the "feel good" measures the left had any chance of putting in prior to the ruling.

    Their only option now is to go to the Supremes. The Supremes haven't been kind so far to 2nd Amendment Cases prior to this. No reason to think this one would go any differently.

    The Dems are stuck.

    Here is another article discussing the interesting case. LINK HERE.
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  4. I hope you are right RJ. This will be ground breaking and with the entire country watching to see what they do next. I think this will have a ripple effect in regards to the entire country and the current administration's proposed gun ban measures as well.

    I just hope and pray the good fight will win out. Clinton was able to place a ban that thankfully had a sunset to it let's hope O is not able to do anything. :)
  5. RJ has the right idea on this. The court will be watching this and the politicos know it, they can't really risk going back to the court because they don't follow their insturctions. It will make it just much harder for them to get anything they want in a bill to stick with the court already against their anti-gun stand.
    My brother lives in the west suburbs and has been keeping me updated on local turns in this situation. It will be a tremendous victory to ses Illinios issue CC for their citizens.

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