If ‘assault weapons’ are bad…why does dhs want to buy 7,000 of them for ‘personal def

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  1. The Department of Homeland Security is seeking to acquire 7,000 5.56x45mm NATO “personal defense weapons†(PDW) — also known as “assault weapons†when owned by civilians. The solicitation, originally posted on June 7, 2012, comes to light as the Obama administration is calling for a ban on semi-automatic rifles and high capacity magazines.

    Citing a General Service Administration (GSA) request for proposal (RFP), Steve McGough of RadioViceOnline.com reports that DHS is asking for the 7,000 “select-fire†firearms because they are “suitable for personal defense use in close quarters.†The term select-fire means the weapon can be both semi-automatic and automatic. Civilians are prohibited from obtaining these kinds of weapons.

    If ‘Assault Weapons’ Are Bad…Why Does DHS Want to Buy 7,000 of Them for ‘Personal Defense’? | TheBlaze.com
  2. Who would they want to shoot, ahhhhh

    So they have them on hand when they want to start shooting at the general populace. How else do expect them to use all the ammo that they have ordered in .223.
    Besides if they order 7000 that will tie up production for awhile and put the general public on B/O and without another supplier.
  3. Re: Who would they want to shoot, ahhhhh

    Scary you would come up with those ideas. That was exactly what I was thinking and just talking to my wife about. I was telling her how hard it was to find ammo because people were buying all that possibly could. She and I were discussing the fact the government order as well and that would tie up the supply chain for some time.

    I then showed her the article about the king's new litmus test about shooting civilians while I can say it was shocking it did not surprise her in the least.

  4. Re: Who would they want to shoot, ahhhhh

    As another person put it: Why do we need the guns? Don't be silly, how else are we going to force you into the box cars?
  5. They did WHAT?

    Smart lady you have there, she is able to see through the fog created by the media to conceal the true meaning in the steps the prez is taking with who he is surrounding himself. :bow: Later if necessary he will use them as pawns, letting them take the fall for what happens. "I had no idea these people were of this mind and they acted on their own to help the nation." :peace: I can hear it now, and the media will eat it up and forget all about the litmus test they are trying so hard not to share with the public. :cuss:

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