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  1. Who carries a pistol equipped with an RMR? Anyone think IDPA will come-around and allow them in matches?

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  2. ORS,

    Two good questions.

    For the first one, I don't know of anyone who currently has any type of RMR style optics on their real carry gun. I know lots with RMR stuff on their shooting sports guns, but obviously only in the divisions where those things are legal.

    Will the IDPA ever allow them in matches? Well, I'm assuming if they become a bit more "mainstream" with regards to normal, daily carry I would think they will give it some more consideration.

    There has been considerable "discussion" about lasers/lights/optics and all that and it comes up every year for review but for the most part, none of those things are showing up in great quantities on real carry guns.

    Now, with that said, we do have guys who show up with these things and we let them shoot as in 99% of the time, it's not really helping the shooter at all. If they decide that "we're" giving them a hard time about shooting with the laser on or a red-dot sight, they can always go over to USPSA and shoot.

    It's two different sports which is why they look and act like they do. IDPA is still trying to keep it under control with regards to overall costs and to try to keep it from becoming an "equipment race" in the divisions.

    My take on it is if the guy drove in with a carry gun with an RMR, I'd let him shoot if for a few weeks until he finally realized he was shooting the laser (or the optic) and not the gun.

    Have you had problems with your local IDPA club while shooting an RMR'd gun?

  3. No, not yet. I have a light on my CCW gun and the USPSA guys gripe about it. I tell them to put me in the open div. I dont track my scores.
    Now, I totally understand shooting at the major matches but it's nice to hear you'd be lenient with a local match.
    I have an RMR on a G17 and love it so much that I'm adding o me to my G19.

    Why I love it and think it's the future of CCW:
    No sights to align at night
    Easy hits at distance
    Target awareness

    Obv, in close distances, the sight is rarely used but it's added accuracy and speed to my shots at 10+ yards. and it adds another layer of consistency to my training, considering I use a RDS on my rifle.

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  4. reaper66


    Hey ORS! Check out the what are you carrying thread or the one I posted just for fun.

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  5. That seems odd considering the various RoboCop Lightsabers most of those guys use!

    I would think in a real "night encounter" that you would be point shooting anyway.

    The same with iron sights.

    I had always assumed that the use of optics was to improve target acquisition to engage, but I'll admit I've only played with the things on other shooter's guns.

    What we've found at our local matches is that many shooters become "fixated" on their laser instead of the threat. Speed is not the end result as your actual "time on target" is very small if you're running and gunning.

    As I don't have any extraneous options on any of my carry guns, I'm probably not the guy to have this discussion with, except if you ever show up at our place, you'll be more than welcome to shoot the red dot.

    I tend to keep to the main principles of IDPA and that is supposed to mean "shoot what you carry". I'll also admit that at least half of these guys have a dedicated gun for IDPA and although it's legal and would make an adequate carry gun, most of them don't carry what they shoot, but that's a choice everyone has to make. They just want to score good and that's fine too.

    As I treat IDPA as my practice time (among other things) I prefer to use what I carry "for real".

  6. For sure, lasers generally slow things down. Red dots are generally agreed to speed things up. Point shooting would obv be an option at most CCW distances but it's nice to train for all scenarios and hit probability increases at distance with a red dot. Not an absolute but certainly a value-add that's becoming more common with the younger guys.

    We've got to engage more of the veterans in the CCW lifestyle and 2A fight. Allowing RMRs shows the young guys that the old guard is open-minded and welcoming.

    Where do you shoot IDPA? I use to go to Clinton County, Oxford Izzak Walton and USPSA at Miami Rifle.

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  7. ORS,

    At the Hansen Range about half way between Fort Myers and Punta Gorda off of US41.

    Usually on Monday nights.


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