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  1. This is something I posted on another forum. It has some ideas of things we can do in light of pending illegal gun legislation.

    1) Join the NRA and GOA. Put aside petty differences with those groups if you have a problem with them.
    2) Write your congressman anyhow. It takes 5 minutes and make a call. At least you let them know your position.
    3) Organize! Maybe we need to sticky this thread or make a new one to see who can participate online as well as face to face. Freedomworks has a good website for getting people together.
    4) Become a true gun advocate. Find someone that has never shot and offer to teach them. Start them off as you would a child but don't talk down to them. Education is our best friend as is the truth.
    5) Be helpful and friendly. Too many times people see us posting or talking about the government coming to get our guns and how we would respond. That is fine amongst our brethren but it doesn't sit well with the average person. Offer to educate instead of denigrate. Many people are a couple generations away from knowing anything about guns or being around guns. Some are just stubborn asses but some are just genuinely uneducated about them. If we take the time to be helpful we may have a convert!
    6) Most of all I think we need to network. Many of us have different opinions on politics, guns, cars, humor or whatever but it is clear we value our firearms and the safety they provide. Instead of moving to the right or left lets move towards the constitution. Can we setup a rally somewhere? I would be willing to go. Lets show Washington we are not going to give up. 1 million gun owners? Dare to dream!

    In addition contacting your local tea parties might be a good place to start there are also 9-12 groups that are pro-constitution.

    So, anything to add? Any ideas short of armed conflict? God forbid we need to resort to that but if we network and stick together at least we have our militia. :flag:

    Anyhow, JMHO.
  2. diesel


    You've good ideas, Monk.
    I've already done a lot of what you propose, I belong to NRA and GOA and contribute what ever I can afford to both.
    I've also contacted every politician in Ohio as well.
    But I don't believe rallying will do anything positive for us. We who believe in the 2nd amendment need not rally for we are constitutionally correct.
    Whats the first thing you think when you see these rallyers on the news? I think "look at these nuts, don't they have jobs?"
    And almost always, the rallyers are goofy libs trying to CHANGE OUR MINDS about something like abortion, or gay marriage, or some other miscarriage of the American way.
    I do believe we need to unite, though not on the national media stage, as they will just make us look like back/woods idiots. We need to hunker down and wait for the inevitable, and then, only then do make our stand.

    Not chastising you, just my opinion.:flag:
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  3. Minimal Brat

    Minimal Brat

    You have great ideas and I have done many of them. I agree with getting together. The reason so many things get done are because people stand up and lend not only their voices but their body's. I can remember one time my husband was working on a down power plant. I was one of those outside the gate protesting the power plant lol. We stood in Columbus against what the government wanted to do to us. We speak out against groups who want to make things legal we think shouldn't be. Guns are a right we should stand up for. I would rather be told I looked crazy than I looked great sitting at my desk.
  4. One of the problems of having a large "gun rights" rally in Washington is that is would disarm all of the rallyist which means none of us would show up!! I won't even go to New York or Illinois just because of that!

    On the NRA thing (I'm a Life Member) there are many people who seem to have some grief with the NRA for a variety of reasons, some of which may even be valid, but the fact remains, at this point in time, the NRA is still the largest and strongest organization that can get things done in Washington and carries an enormous amount of weight with those jerks in DC.

    To simply blow off the NRA because something they did or said doesn't agree with YOU personally, is very short sighted and counter productive to all of our gun rights. (That's a generic and literary "you" and not "you" personally.)

    So, let's all gather up our composure, swallow a bit of pride if need be and make sure you belong to the NRA or one of the other organizations that will fight for us.

    I am not personally familiar with the GOA or most of the other groups, so someone else will have to fill in the blanks there, but for as long as I've owned guns, the NRA is THE GROUP to carry the load for me. Their voice scares the crap out of Washington Libtards and that can only be a good thing.

  5. diesel


    Here here, AD. You are correct.
    As far as GOA, they're not as strong as NRA but do pretty much the same job.
    GOA Pres. I forget his name at this early hour, is the fellow that superlib piers morgan tore up on CNN last week. I seen that affair and Mr. GOA Pres. did a fine job of fending this fool off.
    I'm sorry, the man he insulted was GOA Executive Director, Larry Pratt. :clap: :flag:
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  6. One to add to your list is: Teach your children AND grandchildren to shoot. We need to make sure future generations understand the importance of the 2nd amendment. Alot of those against guns today may have had a different outlook if they had been taught to shoot at a young age.
  7. I think I've got the little one started out on a good road to the future. :D

  8. rebel_son


    One important think is that people need to understand that our political sphere has almost broken to the point of being obamanite and anti-obamanite

    All the anti-obamanites ( most of us) need to stick together and let others who don't like him get involved that is how we stop
    1, gun grab
    2 spending us into oblivion
    3 amnesty for illegal invaders.
  9. PrepperTraining


    Just One Shot - totally agree with this, but don't stop with your family. Teach everyone that will listen! I have taken so many people out shooting from work that everyone knows I'm into guns. I have taken dozens of first time shooters. I have had many people approach me saying they want to learn and heard that I shoot. I have several friends that have decided to buy guns because of our interactions. Spread the word!!


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