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  1. I was asked by someone to write a generic letter to the local sheriffs addressing the 2nd Amendment and asking for their support to stand up against the "SAFE ACT". What I am asking is that the forum members here that write so eloquently help me with such task as I am no writer.

    Anyone have the time and foresight to write a letter we can use?

    The person that asked simply stated "Hello, I was told you would draft a pro-2nd amendment letter to my local officials for repeal of the "SAFE ACT" at this sight by my local gun club." Again I am not a letter writer but this is a good opportunity for us here at the forum as well as starting our own letter campaign against
    Obama and Feinstein's unconstitutional bill.

    I thank you all for your support here and with this project.

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  2. Andy,If you're not in a big hurry,I'll give it a try.
  3. I thank you Rifleman. He did not give me a time frame in which he needed it. I am just at a loss as to how or where to start to any help is welcome. :)
  4. Not sure if this will help, but whenever I write a letter to someone, I try and imagine what I would like to say to a person, if I had them there right in front of me and only had 2 or 3 minutes to explain something to them. Most people stop reading and skip sections if you get too lengthy. Maybe include a link to something you've written if you would like to go into further detail at the end of the letter. Just a thought.
  5. Greetings Sheriff Smith:

    As a resident of (insert your county/city/parish here) Florida, and an avid sportsman, collector and firearms owner I was wondering if you could let me know your opinion and your stand on the issues in Washington right now regarding the legal rights of law abiding citizens to own certain types of firearms.

    I am writing to all my elected officials to hear their thoughts and I wanted to hear your thoughts as well on this very divisive issue currently working through congress. I look forward to your response. I might also ask if you would consider holding a Press conference to let the citizens of IRC know the stance of your office.

    Thank You for your service,

  6. diesel


    As far as I can understand the "safe act," it EXCLUDES protesters and would be protesters(such as possibly US) from the unconstitutional bias's of the "Patriot Act."
    Some one smarter than me needs to explore the safe act more thoroughly and make sure this isn't a ploy to have you write in AGAINST our cause.
    Seriously Wolf, examine it closely before corresponding.:flag:
  7. My letter to the Sheriff.

    This is what I sent to Tuscarawas County Sheriff Walt Wilson, looking for his response. This was just sent Jan. 27th and is too soon to expect a composed response. When I hear from Walt, the response will be posted for all to read.

    Hello Sheriff Wilson

    Sheriff Departments across the country have taken a stand against federal involvement with regard to agents of the federal government making arrests in their counties.

    Even Sheriff Associations have come out against federal intervention into their counties regarding enforcement of gun control laws by federal agents. Some with the outlandish threats of using SWAT teams as an intervention tool to stop their action.

    I have not seen any response by either the Buckeye Sheriffs Association or any individual Sheriff in the State of Ohio. I can’t imagine that this topic has not been raised by yourself and Sheriffs you know. My question is whether we the people who voted all the Sheriffs into office will ever know where the Sheriffs in Ohio stand regarding our 2nd Amendment Right and if those rights are at risk if they are going to protect The Constitution and take a stand to support its doctrines.

    I am a local resident of Tuscarawas County and have no agenda, I am just an interested party looking for an answer.

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.

    Cliff Shaw
  8. SAFE ACT what is the safe act?

    The "SAFE ACT" is a pretty generic, and a search on Bing shows a banking legislation designed to protect mortgage holders.
    If you add 2nd Amendment in front of that you get the 2013 New York Secure Ammunition & Firearms Enforcement Act

    With that in mind the major points of that law is as follows;

    Three major points of the NY SAFE ACT:

    •Banning of all semi-automatic rifles with more than a single military characteristic (i.e. pistol grip, detachable magazine, flash hider, etc.)
    •Banning of all magazines over the 7-cartridge threshold (any magazine capable of housing more than 7 rounds is now illegal)
    •Instant background checks and a registry of ammunition purchases(ers)

    Other points of the NY SAFE ACT:

    •Mandatory mental health reporting when a doctor feels a patient could be a danger to others
    •A state registration for handguns and “assault rifles†as defined by the new legislation, including a once every five years, re-certification for ownership
    •Universal background check to disallow sales outside of a background check, like person to person face to face sales at gun shows, etc.
    •Harsher penalties for those who kill a first responder
    •An extension of the metal health based law “Kendra’s Law†making treatment mandatory for mental health patients under specific circumstances
    •Safe storage laws for those households which have a banned person living in them.
    •Harsher penalties for possession of firearms on school grounds or on a bus with school aged children
    •Harsher penalties for usage of illegal guns and for gang members using firearms

    If in fact this is the "SAFE ACT" they are referring to I wonder why they are approaching you for a letter to County Sheriffs regarding their actions against it.
    I too like diesel think we should exercise a measured margin of caution before acting on any request for a wrtitten response that could be linked to the forum in any way.

    Just my PENNY PENNY.

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