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    I'm sure you all watched the news today. What a sad day in the history of the U.S. I truly morn for the parents of the innocents that were butchered this morning. Something like this is as sad as it gets.
    I also morn for the nation as a whole because there isn't any way to stop a tragedy such as this.

    That being said, mr. obama has already come out and said he would try to reimplement the assault weapon ban.
    Either this man has an incompetent work force around him, or he is just plain stupid. Even the liberal left wing news teams have stated that the demon killed these children with PISTOLS! The attending officers found an M-4 in his vehicle. He did not kill with the M-4, but with handguns. Either way, the man had to be possessed by demons to commit an atrocity such as this! So lets ban assault weapons?

    So let us implement an assault weapon ban.....right? Because children were killed?
    Stalin didn't kill children....Hitler didn't kill children....Amin didn't kill (AND EAT) children?
    It doesn't matter who the butchered were, or their age....it matters that there are people out there that can do something as mindless and atrocious as this. It shouldn't be, but will, turn into a political assault on the second amendment.

    Obama, and his evil minions, will use this tragedy as a springboard to once again try to take weapons out of our hands, weapons we keep for self-defense, and defense of our nation.

    He thinks taking our weapons will lead to a utopia of sorts, a nation where one not fear the malcontents.
    He thinks he's doing the right thing, that his intentions are good.
    But remember, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.:flag: :flag: :flag:

    Excuse my rant, but it's been a bad day.
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  2. Very well put Diesel. :clap:
  3. The powers to be know this and know that is correct, but by pandering to the citizens fear of firearms and the percieved threat they can pose. They will attempt to disarm America for their own safety, hopefully history will not repeat itself and a free America will remain a nation of courageous people who will stand up for what our founders believed in so strongly.
    I feel the pain you expressed well in your post.

    God Bless America

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