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I may need a new tin foil hat


September 5, 2012
So I ordered a carrying handle detachable and front sight detachable from Amazon this morning. :)

They also have a SS barrel from a company in CA for 299.00 ?? and 3 other barrels sold out.

Got home this evening and searched for Osprey Gas Piston. Went to Brownells they had some in stock....order on the way. :peace:

My Internet kept crashing, everytime I searched Goog-ley for AR15 stuff my internet would drop out. Had to goto Windows Networking Solutions and reset. Went to Bing and did not happen. :dumb:

Maybe paranoid? :whistle:

The Osprey Gas Piston is BCG with all the parts plus handguards. All I need now is a barrel. Del-Ton may have some and as I said above there is now a few at amazon.

Gonna play around some more with Goog-less and see if they are in the Obummer's pocket.

And if no one heard the News Wyoming is putting for a bill the AG under 2A and 10A that makes it a felony for any fed to confiscate a Wyoming states citizens firearms. Looks like there may be a Constitutional Fight coming. :flag:


nra instructor
July 11, 2012
Google has decided to eliminate gun related sales from their search engine. May be part of the reason google is failing you.