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  1. I'm an old retired Yankee ner'-do-well that ended up here in the Buckeye state some years ago and it seems like I'll be here for the duration. What's better to wile the time away than to communicate with like-minded folk so I joined this forum.

    I pretty much spend my time reloading, hanging out at Deer Creek rifle range during the season, and painting dogs and wildlife art. I have a real soft spot for my K-9s and they seem to tolerate me more than I deserve.

    Thanks for having me.

  2. Is that the ODNR Deer Creek range in Fayette county,how is it ?
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    dogrtst Welcome to the site what calibers do you reload? And do you shoot revolvers or pistols?
  4. Not sure if it's in Fayette County. I come in from Grove City and pass through Mt. Sterling from 71S. It's a real decent range. 25, 50 and 100 yards. Covered stations with concrete shooting benches. Open Weds - Sun from 9:00 - 4:50 daily. Daily fee is $5.00 but a season pass is only $24 and is good for all state shooting ranges. And the Range Officer is a real nice guy. Toilet facilities are available but bring your own food and drinks.

  5. I'm actually new to rifle/pistol reloading but I do .45 Colt, .44 Mag, .45 ACP, .30-30 and .223 so far (RCBS equipped). I reloaded shotgun for years when I shot NSSA Skeet but I gave that up when it got too expensive to shoot. I have a R93/17 Savage Rimfire that I absolutely love to shoot, plus .22 LRs. I shoot shotguns (skeet, sporting clays), revolvers (two 3rd gen Peacemakers in .45 Colt and a Colt Anaconda in .44 Mag), rifles and pistols (Springfield XDm, Colt Govt models, S&Ws).

    I decided that I want to get back into skeet shooting but .410 only so I've been eyeing the new Savage 555 O/U that is made in Turkey. It comes in all 4 gauges and has been getting good reviews all around. At under $700, it's a bargain. Plus, pheasants with a .410 over dogs is a hoot!
    Today, I trashed my Marlin 1894 .44 Mag - got the "Marlin Jam". Don't know what to do, I replaced the carrier assembly but it still jams. Guess I'm going to have to drop it off at the gunsmith to see if he can fix it.

    There are quite a few guys who shoot at Deer Creek who are expert reloaders/rifle shooters and some actually publish in gun and reloading mags so I get a lot of good advice from them.


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