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How much would a DPMS A15 rifle be worth?


September 5, 2012
Seen them for 599.oo to 1000.oo in reality its worth what someone will pay. I would pay under 500.00 for a used one. There may be add ons, heavy barrel, sights, etc...
but I would buy new for 700.00

But then I built the 2 I have both for under 500.00 totaled out. Prices have gone up, buying used from an individual also no paperwork, so there is that.

You can get a new Smith and Wesson M&P Sport for right at 600.00.

An Anderson MFG for around 500.00


December 23, 2012
The DPMS A15 variant seems to be the most common one. It's value depends on it's era of manufacture and twist rate. The earlier it is ,the less accurate it is. The early ones were just capable of just 'spitting out' a bunch of ammo,the later ones are actually capable of good 100yd groups.
Sportsman's Den currently has Anderson ORC @ 500,Core15 @ 550,S&W M&P Sport II @ 560,Ruger AR556 @ 600.
Yes,it's true value would be 400-500, but because of current mood in America,it's too much of a variable.